Minimum wifi strength?

I’m probably running the cameras at pretty much max distances and before I start to throw stuff at improving the signal strength I was hoping to find out what the min sustainable signal requirement is (don’t care if fps goes low) to use the cameras.

The cameras are V2. If possible, pls provide either dbi for the Wifi strength or FPS.

As an aside, I am using TinyCam and other than problems when the signal drops everything has been running fine. Also, I’ve already gone through changing the channel on the router to a less congested one, etc.

I’ve never seen a fixed number published.

One comment… FPS doesn’t change. What you can change is from HD to SD mode which increases compression, or from SD to 360p, which also reduces resolution from 1080p to 360p.

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I was just referencing fps as an easy to spot item. Whether I run 360, SD or HD I get data rates running from 0 (dropped) to about 70 kb/s which measures out as about 10 fps.

Checking the wifi signal strength indicator via the Wyze app indicates 0% wifi…which is clearly not the case or I would never get any signal.

Whether dbi, fps or the % from the Wyze app, what would be the expected minimum value and still be able to maintain a reliable connection from the cameras to the router?

Also, if I end up going with a repeater/extender or some type, do the cameras use the signal strength to the Wifi (ie the repeater) to determine that they still have a connection or is the handshake to the internet/primary router?

Thanks in advance for any info or ideas that could help.