Necessary signal strength for v2 cam

What is the minimum signal strength from my wifi 2.4 system is necessary for my v2 cam to operate?
I am using the “wifi Analyzer” app on an android phone. Will the v2 operate correctly with -70 db signal?
I have a v2 that functions just great at -60db. I want to place another cam where the snr is -70 db.
Will i work? In the next month i will set up the cam and try. it will be the most distant from my orbi triband three unit system.
What if i add a fourth remote orbit closer to where i want to place the cam?

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You would have to try it and see. The signal strength in -db is just a starting point when it comes to reliability for streaming. Maybe try your existing V2 in the spot and give it a try

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The limiting factor is the transmit range of the cam. I’ve had one that the wyze app showed it receiving 80 something percent, but the router (DD-WRT) was only receiving a 38% signal from the cam. I’m working on a fairly simple antenna mod here as we speak. I’ve been walking around with a cam on a battery pack, with the sma connectected external antenna plugged into it, and it is a huge improvement. It’s enough of an improvement that I’m not even bothering to set it up on the dd-wrt router to see the readings before drilling a hole in the thing.