WiFi signal strength icon UI question

How do you read the icon? Its meaning is ambiguous.

I see three bars but they are all hollow.

But, my cameras work.

I have a Velop home mesh system with 4 nodes. I have 3 cameras each with its own node in their respective rooms.

My bars are black


When I look at the device information for each camera it shows 3 white bars, goofy!

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That sure is inconsistent @wyze ??

BTW, how did you get to that screen in the app?

I wonder if their iphone app is radically different UI design than their Android app.

The screen on the app that I posted is for my 4 Outdoor cams. I don’t know if they show that for the other cams like V1,V2,V3 and pan cam.

The V2/V3/Pans don’t have that screen. WOC does because your cams are all connected to one Base unit Wifi as opposed to the your router Wifi.
I’m not familiar with the Velop software but most Wifi apps will give you stats on each device.
Each individual V2/V3 has its own device info screen giving signal strength, shown in bars. Black indicates signal presence and some measure of its strength.

If you’re trying to view signal strength from an Android device, it’s bugged and will always show no bars (hollow) for all cam types except WCO cams from the base station’s point of view or when using a old version of the Wyze app. iOS devices seem to have no problem displaying signal strength for all cam types except WCO cams. Examples:

v2 cam from an Android device:

Same v2 cam from an iPhone:

v3 cam from an Android device:

Same v3 cam from an iPhone:

Several of us have reported the problem and submitted logs. It must be considered a low priority item as it’s been around for a year.

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Thank you this is the solution. Wyze really needs to fix this bug.

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No problem 007. :+1: Yes, it really needs to be fixed. In the meantime, if you need a signal strength reading at a cam’s location, you can download Wifi Analyzer by farproc from the Google Play store. That Android app has really helped me pinpoint signal coverage problems for some of my cams, especially when trying to place WCO cams.