Wyze Cam v2 Wi-Fi signal strength: 0%

I was reading @Yiken’s topic about signal strength not supported under iOS on one of their v2 cams and decided to check all of mine under Android.

Out of 16 v2 cams, 15 reported signal strength between 95-100% and one reported a signal strength of 0%. I’ve never encountered a problem with any of my cams and this particular cam was/is currently streaming HD around 150 KB/s. It records to the SD fine (event only and continuous), CMC works, notifications are timely, LiveView and Playback work great. This is not related to viewing device or OS as I checked this cam on 3 different tablets running Android 6, 9, 10 and 3 phones running Android 8, 9 and 10. I soft booted the cam with no change and then powercycled the cam twice. I moved the cam to a different mesh AP… no luck. All my cams are running firmware v4.9.5.98 and all Android viewing devices are running public release v2.8.24.

I honestly don’t care that this cam reports 0%, as like all my other Wyze cams, it works great! I’ll try some other tests this weekend to see if I can figure out what’s different about this cam that leads to the erroneous signal strength reporting. I’ll also check this cam with some of my Apple devices this weekend. Maybe what I’m seeing under Android is related to what Yiken reported under iOS.


Here’s a screenshot of the same v2 cam’s info on iOS (not sure what’s up with the activation date)

Note “WiFi signal strength: Not supported”. This means that @Yiken’s topic and mine are related. Android and iOS merely report the erroneous signal strength value differently.

Now to find out why this happens on this cam. I have a bunch of ideas that I’ll test late this evening and tomorrow. In the mean time… perhaps my topic should be merged with Yiken’s.


@Seapup thanks for linking your post with mine. Hope we’re able to find a solution together. Like you said at first I didn’t really care whether it would tell me the WiFi % so long as the cameras were working. However I’ve been experiencing problems with mine and couldn’t tell remotely if it’s the WiFi signal or smthg else. Till this day one of my three cameras show the % whilst the other 2 stay as “not supported”.

Hope we find a solution together, keep me posted and thanks again!

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No problem @Yiken. :+1: I didn’t get much done this weekend due to death in the family, but will do some testing this week and post results here.

@Seapup Thanks and sorry to hear about the death in the family.

As I’m not physically there, I managed to have a friend go over to help install a new range extender for me over the weekend so the connection seems slightly more stable (for now). However even with the new WiFi extender, the WiFi signal remains the same as “not supported”. I’m guessing the only way to truly fix it will be to reset those 2 cams or reflash the firmware. Unfortunately am not physically there to do that… wish there was a way to remotely downgrade just like how one would upgrade the firmware.

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Thank @Yiken. And good to hear you have better network stability. I did some testing today and have ruled out anything related to networking on the user-end and Wyze Sense bridge. Going to check SD next, then reset and if needed, reflash.

Edit: Just sent log file to Wyze and added schen as a recipient. Wyze Ticket 481158

I tried reflashing older versions of firmware to no avail. But look what happened when I updated to the new v2 firmware ( pushed out 2 days ago… it’s been fixed (Android and iOS). :+1:



I contacted support to update/close my ticket.


Awesome, I followed your footsteps and they’re all fixed now. Thanks