WiFi Password

While setting up my Wyze Cam, the app told me that my password was longer than 40 characters.

Well it is. It’s 42 characters long.

It works with all of my other 2.4 band WiFi enabled devices, printers, thermostat, tablets, and IoT devices. I’m not planning on changing it any time soon.

Is there any workaround for this?


Thank you.

Hello - the app does have a wi-fi password limit of 40 characters. It’s a limitation of the QR code that we use as part of the camera’s set-up. There’s no workaround at the moment, and I don’t have an estimate for if/when we’ll be able to accommodate longer passwords in the future. I completely understand if this means the camera won’t work for you, and we will absolutely take a return (if you purchased it through our website) if you would prefer to return the camera.

I know that’s not the answer you were hoping for, thanks for letting us know about this, I will pass this feedback to our product team. If you do decide to return the camera (and purchased it from us), please contact our customer support team at support@wyzecam.com and send them a link to this forum thread and they’ll help you with the return. If you did not purchase through our website you can return it to the retailer where you purchased it. Thanks!

One workaround would be to set up a guest network on your router with a 40 character password. Most routers allow for a separate guest network.

Another solution that involves some cost would be to use an additional wifi router as a bridge. It would broadcast it’s own SSID with a 40 character password and operate in bridge mode connected to your main router. One inexpensive solution would be a travel router such as the one linked below, but I’m not sure its range would be sufficient for reaching across a home to several cameras.