WiFi Password limited to 40 characters vs 63 per standard

Trying to get started with my first Wyzecam, and stuck at WiFi password entry. Getting an error on the android app that my WiFi password is greater than 40 characters (which is true), but I know that the max for WPA2 is 63.

No response from support yet. Anyone know of a workaround? I’d hate to have to change the passwords on dozens of devices (tablets, phones, Rokus, laptops, …).



Assign camera to Guest on router?

Thanks, that was very helpful. I just got around to setting up a guest account on my router, and so far it’s working out. Still no word from support on a fix, I assume they’re busied out with more fundamental issues.

Ah, very good.

Same problem here. Not a show stopper, obviously, but a touch annoying.