Wifi hotspot limits

I searched the forums as best I could but could not find anything addressing my issue. I live in rural Texas. There is no cable, DSL, or line of sight service that works at my home. My experience with satellite internet was horrible. I’m currently using a T-Mobile mobile hotspot for internet and Roku. It works well enough. The problem I’m having though is that I’m limited to 16 devices. Between mine and my daughter’s phones and tablets, TV and Roku, a few smart bulbs and outlets, I’m tapped out! I have 3 Wyze cams (2 v3s and a pan/tilt). I also just set up the Home Monitoring Service. I was hoping that the sensors would talk to the Sense Hub and it would be the only device on my wifi, but that was wishful thinking. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive, simple way to increase the number of devices I can have on my network? Please explain simply. I’m not an idiot, but I’ve been out of the network game a couple decades. I truly appreciate any help! Thanks! BTW, an upside to the mobile hotspot is that, since it’s battery powered, power failure does not prevent my HMS from sending out notifications. :slightly_smiling_face:

Replace your hotspot with a cellular router, such as MoFi, Cradlepoint, etc…

Remove SIM from hotspot and put in your flavor of cellular router.

I live in the forest and cellular is my only option too.

24 cameras, 3 VOIP lines, Non-Wyze Security System, plus all the other devices like TV, Smartphone, computers, etc…


Awesome!!! Thank you so much!!!