WiFi Direct mode for cameras

What would/could you do if you have an option of WiFi direct stream video from your camera to your phone?

You are in an area where there is no internet (no cell phone signal), but still would like to use your camera.
Say, like camping, you want to monitor the surrounding of your RV or camp site.

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The Outdoor Camera has a “Travel” mode:


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Is it possible to have travel mode on Wyze Cam V3?
I believe the hardware is better than the outdoor cam. I’m aware of travel mode for the outdoor cam.
Thank you for the response.

No. Travel mode is specific to the outdoor cam. V3 needs electricity via plugin.

Yes, everything needs power, but V3 uses much more than Outdoor ones.
My intention is for RV which have decent electricity to power a few for V3 devices.
The hardware performance on V3 is so, so much better than cameras made for RVs at a fraction of the cost.
Night vision, clarify, and resolution for sure beats most of not all in the RV market. Pricing?
Just search for Furrion Vision S 7" with just 1 camera.

There is still no travel mode for the V3. You need internet connection to get it started and keep it running.

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I was afraid of that. Internet via cell phone is good in the city, but lacking in remote mountainous areas.

Travel mode for Wyze Cam V3 is on my wish list for Santa :slight_smile:


Sorry I’m late to the party. Can you flash rtsp on v3?

Yes…look here:

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Yup but has anyone tried it with V3 cams?

Did you look at this: