How to simulate Travel Mode with a V3

As I understand Travel Mode on the outdoor cam, you can set the camera up to stream if you have a memory card in it.

I have 3 V3s and would like to be able to set one up to stream video without having a router connection. I need to be able to monitor a humane animal trap in a remote location. The camera apparently can be powered with a battery pack but what is needed to stream the video? I’ve read that as long as the camera boots with an internet connection it will continue to record to the memory card if the router goes down as long as the camera power is not interrupted. So if I set up the camera to a cell phone hotspot and also connect another phone to the same hotspot would that work? Would I even need a second phone or could I use the hotspot phone to stream the camera?

Ha anyone tried this?


Stream… To where? If you are willing to provide it a single mobile hotspot then you have a functional Internet connected camera, and can access it as you would have anywhere else.

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Doesn’t it set up an ad hoc network?
Don’t have an outdoor cam but that would make sense.

For the WCO perhaps but he’s talking about V3s.

Not sure where he wants to “stream” to because it sounds as if maybe he just means SD recording…

I have a doorbell and it asks me if I want to set up Travel Mode. Guess I need a spool of transformer wire.

I believe that used to be the case, but I saw a recent post that the V3s are different in that after a while, it needs to get online again. If it can’t then it stops working.

You might want to test this before fully deploying the cameras.

As someone says above, as long as the cameras are connected to a phone’s WiFi hotspot, you can view the recorded events remotely. This what I think is what you meant by, “travel mode”. Wyze calls it, “View Playback”.

Nope. They have travel mode.

You sure that’s for a V3?

Somebody else posted about that. Pretty sure it’s just an app feature they enabled to help WCO users but it doesn’t apply to non-WCO users?

I don’t have WCO so I’m guessing here. Does it really connect using adhoc WiFi connection? Isn’t adhoc, peer-to-peer and not a subnetwork? I always thought the WCO hub is just another Access point.

Think he’s talking about travel mode, when the WCO connects to your phone without the base involved.

Thanks for all your thoughts.
WCO cameras have a travel mode, but V3 cameras do not. I have V3 cameras.

I want to be able to set the camera up in a remote location pointed at a humane trap. I would have cell service but no local router. Can I turn on the hotspot on my cell phone and connect the camera to the hotspot to watch the trap (live) ?

If your cell phone has a mobile hotspot and the cameras connect to it, you don’t need a router. The hotspot is functionally, a router.

Check how much and the max capacity of your mobile service hotspot. It normally is capped, and it’s expensive.

And it’s worth repeating. Reportedly, the V3s eventually stop working after a few hours if network connectivity is lost.

Just going to have to try it and play around with it. Thanks.

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Are you wanting to remote view from another place other than the camera location? You’d need the hot spot to stay at the camera location with a means of power for the camera, sense the v3 need outside power. But like others have said, it may be bandwidth hungry depending on how much you want to live view.

I would use a usb battery for the camera and would be 20 or 30 feet away with my cell phone (in range for the hotspot to work). I need to watch the trap from a distance and be able to see when the animal enters the trap.

Curious, why trap wild animals?

Have you tested this yet? Be able to hot spot, be connected to the camera and live stream from that same camera at the same time?

Trapping feral cats to get them spayed/neutered, health checked, vacinated, and hopefully find a home for them if friendly.

Yes. Finally tested it. Pressed the setup button and used the app to connect the camera to the SSID of my phone’s hotspot. The camera didn’t find the SSID so I had to manually enter it. Once the setup completed I was able to see the camera display on my phone.

Then I unplugged the camera and took it out to the car and plugged it into the usb port in the car. I don’t remember what I did to get it to connect again, maybe power off/on the camera through the app? Anyway I got it working again in a minute or two then took off to the grocery store. The V3 makes a great dash cam btw.

Once I got to the store I left the camera on in the car and took my phone into the store. The connection quit as expected once I was out of range. I was again able to reestablish the connection once I returned to the car. So everything works as I had hoped. I just needed to think it through. Thanks for everyone’s help.

I didn’t check to see how much data I used. That will be next.

When I got home with the hotspot still on and the camera tethered I could see the tethered camera and the cameras connected to the home router at the same time. And when I ended tethering the tethered camera showed as offline as expected.