Wifi circuit breaker or adapter for power monitoring

Wifi circuit breaker and ability within app to manage power and be able to get alert of usage and power flip

What is a WiFi circuit breaker???

It would replace your current circuit breaker and connect via WiFi for the app to control on or off and view usage. I have a breaker that flips off on occasion and getting an alert when that happens and able to flip it back on via the app would be helpful.

If you have a circuit breaker that turns off you either have a problem on that circuit that needs to be repaired or the circuit breaker itself has failed. Electrical circuit breakers are designed to work one time. If a breaker shuts off because of an overload or short it should be replaced. If it happens repeatedly you need to fix the problem.


Agree, was more of just offering possibilities. I’m more looking to manage power draw and looking into alternate power sources. I also see a benefit for rental properties. Just thought since I’ve seen a lot of other products going smart this is another opportunity.

This is a terrible, terrible idea and there’s no way it can be legal or up to code. Circuit breakers are a manual, low tech failsafe by definition. They protect your neighborhood from burning down. You don’t try to automate them.

A WiFi power strip, sure.

Edit: apparently I’m simply wrong and uninformed.


I thought they would be against NEC code too (hence my deleted post above) then I found some on the internetz, I bet if they actually TRIP it requires a manual reset and otherwise functions as a switch and load measuring device. I can’t believe that if they TRIP they could be reset remotely just seems unsafe

And if Wyze made one I wouldn’t trust it in my circuit breaker panel

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Per the listing for that device it doesn’t appear to be wifi:

Correct that one listed wasn’t. Although they do have them


Doesn’t look like the breaker is wifi enabled…seems to need a hub.

Connection is primarily for monitoring/usage data per the post cannot reset the breaker only trip it.

Circuit breakers are located in grounded metal boxes. Wifi is not going to work. However, the data could be transmitted over a powerline, such as the Homelink standard, then a device plugged into a receptacle could route it to wifi. So it is doable.
There are many, many devices for monitoring each circuit of a panel. Most of them use BACnet communication protocol, which is a worldwide standard for interoperability.