Wyze Home Energy Monitor - Electrical panel electricity monitor

This would be a good home monitoring solution. Could also detect trip breakers and provide alerts.

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No way in hell.

You can get Home Power Monitoring. That’s already a thing, Where you connect a couple Amp clamps to the power coming into your house so you can monitor whole home power usage.

For example, you can get the Emporia Smart Home Energy Monitor for as low as $70. But if you want to also monitor up to 16 different circuits, each having their own clamps, it’s $150. Take a look here.


But you can go to Amazon and just enter “whole home power monitor” and there’s a number of them out there. I’m sure you can find something you like. It seems Emporia has different versions for those with 3 phase power also. That’s interesting!!! Looking again, it’s limited to 3-phase 240 volts MAX and not 480. Oh well, but for light commerial that could be an option.

This is an interesting idea @coffeegulper.
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I’m aware several companies do this. Wyze should not.

Why not? It seems to fit in the mission and scope of Wyze.

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I’ll buy one.

I don’t think this is an area Wyze should get into. For one thing, asking your customers to get into high voltage, opening up your circuit breaker panel, is such a good idea. It’s no big deal for me, I’m working with 480 volt 3-phase power all the time and am in circuit breaker panels adding new circuits all the time at work.

For your normal home user? Sprinkler and Home Temp controller are low voltage devices. You’re not going to kill yourself over 24 volts. Would Wyze want that kind of liability, and for what? Really, what I listed above is not at much money. It’s actually pretty reasonable.

It’s also not really a Home Control type of thing or Security. But the #1 reason is still High Voltage. You open up your panel to get to the wires to put these Amp clamps onto. You touch the wrong thing and ZAP, you may have just killed yourself. All it takes is one tiny mistake and then at least 120Volts, and 100 to 200 Amps right into you. It’s not the voltage that will kill you, but the AMPS. It doesn’t take a lot of amps. 100 and 200 milliamperes ( 0.1 to 0.2 amp) is lethal. I have a 100 Amp panel currently at my older house and plan to get it replaced with a 200 amp panel for a few reasons. I’m not going to touch this job myself.

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I see your point, in that it’d be dangerous for customers without any electrical knowledge. At the same time, though, I think you might be over exaggerating the likelihood of someone getting killed. All it is is clipping a transformer sensor over insulated wires - people really shouldn’t be able to get into trouble with it. I used to install those sensors all the time while in college (I worked as an energy auditor) and I don’t even remember signing any liability forms.

That other companies sell similar products to consumers seems to indicate that the revenue stream is worth whatever the increased litigation risk is.

While I could get another company’s gear, I’d rather stick to the Wyze ecosystem, and I think having a whole-home energy monitor (or monitoring individual breakers) could add some interesting features to the Wyze rules / device trigger system.

I guess I should have updated the wish item to mention this would have to be installed by a professional.

Also not Wyze’s target customer (thrifty is the nice way of saying it).

It may be OK, and safe enough, maybe,… If you know what you’re doing, you should be fine. But again, it doesn’t take much. a split second of ops, .anmd ZAP. Maybe you will be OK, but then again it could kill you.

Let me put it another way. There is an average of 125 deaths in the U.S alone that kill Electricians. People who should know what they are doing!!!

I’m dealing with 480V 3-Phase power at work all the time. Always adding new circuits to LIVE panels. I can’t shut the factory down. I have to be extremely careful and take things slow. One Ops and I’m dead!!!

Pulling the cover off of your electrical panel that is meant to keep you safe is not smart. You can get a Pro, but many people will just think they can do it easily enough themselves. It’s opening up a whole can of worms. Wyze ends up getting SUED and losing. That is how the system works these days.

Couldn’t you say the exact same thing about plugging in a lamp, or operating a dishwasher, or turning on a gas fireplace? Homes aren’t built out of padded walls. Things inside them could kill people. That doesn’t stop society from running power and gas lines everywhere though.

I do risk analysis for my day job. One of the key lessons is that people are more at risk the more comfortable they are with their jobs. An electrician who’s been working for 30 years may be a lot more likely to make a mistake (from going on autopilot, misremembering new regulations, assuming they know better) than an electrician who has only worked 5 years. My point here is that a comparison to people who straight up work in electrical panels every day isn’t a very meaningful comparison.

So, by mere exposure, you are much more likely than me to die from an electrical shock, even if I were to open my panel to install some monitoring equipment. You face the risk every day. I do it once a year.

Again, other companies are selling these products, so plenty of lawyers have determined it’s an acceptable risk for the public. If Wyze did it, I’d love to have the integration into their rules setup.

My point is, there is really no need for QWYZE to get into this area. That have enough issues with the products they have now!!!

I gave reasons why it may not be a good idea. Plugging in a lamp is no where near the same thing as opening up an electrical panel cover that is there to protect people.

People do dumb things all the time. I have respect for the electricity. Anything LIVE and I’m extremely careful. I try to make it as safe as possible and use non-conducting tools where I can like by wire cable puller, it’s 100% plastic, non-conducting. So I can pull wires much safer.

I see so many bone head moves in a number of industries that people have done. Now for me, installing such a monitoring thing isn’t a big deal. I know what I’m doing. Will take my time and install it the correct way so it’s safe before putting the cover back on. But there are a lot of people who think they know what they are doing and really don’t!!!

But hey, if they want to do it. Great. Maybe Natural Selection will do its thing if they make a mistake.

Howdy! Just throwing out there the idea of home monitoring equipment for electricity usage. Surely I can’t be the only one?

Those already exist!!! Find a number of them on Amazon. Does Wyze need to get into this area also? I’d like to see them first FIX the stuff they’ve already released. Wyze for Focused mainly on low-cost cameras, and now it’s like they’re throwing everything out there to see what sticks. Including toy cars and Hand vacuums. Getting into smart devices OK, the Light bulb, outlets, door lock, even sprinkler controller, and Home Temp control. It makes sense for Wyze to do and have a number of Smart Products in this area.

Scale, kind of off the mark, but OK. It’s Smart. I got one of those. Robot Vacuum? Getting off the mark. hand Vacuum? Zero Smart anything. OK? 2 different headphones?!?!

Well, I guess Smart Home Power monitoring, is getting back on track to Smart Devices. It’s not exactly the safest thing for people to do. But I guess they can call an electrician if need be to be n the safe side. I just don’t think WYZE is focused right now. They’re all over the place these days. If they want to do something like that, it doesn’t bother me. It seems like just about every week or 2 Wyze is launching something new and out there. What’s next?

I just think there are things WYZE needs to be more focused on, at least for now instead of being spread too thin.

If you’re trying to be in a whole WYZE Ecosystem with everything, I get that. Maybe that makes sense for some people. I’m kind of going that route with my Home Network setup and moving to Unifi.

If you’re just looking for a system like the one below. That would be something I’d get. Or you can get something more basic for less money. Really, cheaper than I thought one of these systems would be.

Who knows what Wyze is going to throw out next???


You’re close! That’s the 3 phase version. I’ve got the single phase in my cart at Amazon, already. I agree that they are all over the place, but I feel like energy monitoring would fall in line nicely with a single app solution. I guess we’ll see!

I get it. Some want an all in one solution. Stick with 1 brand for everything. There are pros and cons in doing thing either way. I’d like to see Wyze fix issues with their current devices first. Not just keep throwing out half baked devices while going in every direction. What are they trying to be?

I’m adding a Wyze Energy Monitor to the wishlist. All the energy monitoring devices out there are ridiculously priced, I think Wyze could come up with something affordable that would link with other Wyze devices and apps and help save some energy, and help people learn how to be more energy efficient.

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Great idea @trdracer94!:+1:

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