A Power failure device wifi

Please make a wifi device that notifies/sends alert us of when the house has a power failure and when the power comes back on. I think many people would be interested in it. There are a few on amazon , I bought one but it gives false alarms and doesn’t work accurately.

Don’t forget that for that to work, you must have backup power for your WiFi and Internet - and your internet has to stay working (which you have no control over).

Try YoLink. They have a power monitor that alerts without internet. Their servers monitor your sensor and hubs and will send an alert if they go offline. The sensor also has a siren for local alerts.

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In which case it is not a “power failure” alarm, but rather a loss of Internet communications alarm - which could be due to power failure, modem failure, router failure, WiFi failure, ISP failure, a cable came loose, etc.
Big difference in your responses between some of those.

No, it is a power failure alarm. I have two of them. One is in my shop was losing power all the time and I received a notification when it dropped and when it came back.

They may call it a “power failure” alarm, but if it is determining power failure by loss of response from their Internet based server, that loss of connectivity could be due to an ISP failure, modem failure, router failure, WiFi failure, cable falling out, etc. Even assuming that the box itself has an internal battery (which is likely) so that it can report a failure of the power source that it is plugged into - it is still totally dependent on the rest of the infrastructure working, and most of that will go away in a power failure. So you’re back to it being a loss of connectivity alarm. About the only time it could report a “power failure” is if the only thing that failed was the outlet (or the circuit that it’s on) or USB port that it is being monitored. Or if ALL of your networking and your ISP’s networking is on protected power. I don’t know about your ISP, but my cable Internet goes away the instant there is a utility power failure anywhere in my area (my fiber is much better).

Guys, I just want Wyze to make one.

Probably not.