Why Wyze App re-authenticates in multi-cam view

Does anyone know why the Wyze App re-authenticates the connection to cameras in multi-cam view? Specifically while viewing cameras in a group that exceed the number that fit a smartphone screen, when you scroll away from a camera and scroll back to it, 3 step re-authentication occurs.

If the authentication has occurred once already for the viewing session, why does it have to be constantly re-authenticated? Very annoying.

It actually reauthorizes about every 3 minutes too, but also at the start of the stream, which is what you are seeing.

Wyze recently said they were going to look into their authorization methodology, let’s hope we get an Internet-free option.


It sure seems like a kludge implementation. @Newshound can you point us to where Wyze commented about this? Thx

There are reasons for the way it works the way it does, and they are explained in an offshoot reference to the conversation I am about to give you.

In the conversation @WyzeGwendolyn talks about getting SD card recording to work without Internet, which would at a minimum mean no authorization from the Wyze servers to boot up the camera.

It was my hope that they would end up with an authorization-free optional mode of operation. They only talked about getting the SD card recording to work without Internet:

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Thanks for the additional information. Given the implementation affects cameras that are fully online, hope Wyze (@WyzeGwendolyn) will address this for a better user experience.

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I believe the primary reason for this is that multi-cam view is 360p. When you connect to the cam in single-view, it restarts the stream in SD/HD according to what you have set. (Note that the stream restarts even if single-view for the camera is set to 360p. That is something they might be able to change.)

Thanks for the comment. Even if it has to initialize to 360p for the viewing session, it should maintain state and not reauthenticate just because the user is scrolling.
It’s something they should change. It’s awkward and kludgy.

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I’m betting that this has to do with the stream encryption but I’m not positive. I’ll send this over to the team. :slight_smile:

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Please do. :point_up:

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I spoke with the team and I was correct. The reason is because the app can connect to 4 Wyze Cams at a time but not more. So when you scroll to other cameras, they will need to authenticate because they were not able to maintain a connection when you weren’t viewing them.

Thanks for the follow-up @WyzeGwendolyn. Understand the technical reason, however the user experience is not great under that limitation. For instance there are times when there is a lot of action and you need to see quickly whats going on… the time it takes to re-authenticate gets in the way of that flow. Its not a big deal, but hope Wyze will come up with a way to overcome the limitation eventually.

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Thank you for your feedback. I’ll share it with the team. :slight_smile: