Why would this happen?

Got this in my events list today:

I have 91 licences remaining of my unlimited CamPlus subscription.

8 x V3s all with CamPlus applied.

Hopefully it is not the start of another problem.

Are you talking about the 5 min cooldown and get cam plus to enable?

Yep - I have stopped using CamPlus and rely on the standard motion detection.

I only bought CamPlus to give me longer recordings and no cool-down period.

I found the CamPlus filtering was missing or mislabelling events far too often.

The settings are the same for all 8 cameras and haven’t been changed in months - it is the first time I have seen it. All the cams are working ok again, it must have just been a random error.

I would not be too concerned.

I have sometimes seen that message too (though not always) despite having Cam Plus on all my cameras using Cam Plus Unlimited, just like yourself, and it never negatively impacted me. I assumed they just needed to do an update so Cam Plus Unlimited was recognized the same way as the regular subscription to tell the notice it wasn’t necessary.

I just tried to go replicate it now and now I couldn’t get the message to show up in the events screen today. I am hoping this means that they have updated it in the beta app version I am testing. That is good. Hopefully this indicates it will be addressed in the next app update they launch.

Again, don’t worry about it too much, I used to see those same messages, and it never caused me any negative impact. My Cam Plus still worked as expected the whole time. :+1:

Thanks for reporting it though. I’ll try to keep an eye out and see if I keep seeing it after the latest update and then maybe we’ll start submitting some app logs to the devs so they can resolve it, because I agree that it shouldn’t be showing up if you have CPUnlimited either.

@carverofchoice - it is the first time I have seen it so I thought I would mention it.

Hopefully it will not get more frequent.

Thanks for replying.

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You did the right thing. I don’t recall reading another post pointing this out, and it should definitely be brought up, so it’s good you mentioned it. If you see this occurring again after your next app update, tag me again in here to remind me and we’ll try to see if any of the devs will look into why it wasn’t resolved with the app update. :+1:

Will do - I do seem to get some odd things happening occasionally.


I saw this post a few days ago and went scouring my events to see if there was a Cam Plus trigger for any 12 seconds videos despite having cam plus. Thinking, that any 12 second video may trigger the Cam Plus notification for upgrade… I had no 12 second videos :smiley:

Not saying it is an issue, and I agree nothing to worry about, but I actually bookmarked the above to share the same sentiment as @carverofchoice. Nothing to worry about.

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@R.Good - that is exactly what I got yesterday. It didn’t cross my mind that it could be an advert but I think you are correct.

I thought it was an error message.

I bought two new cameras and had to use the free trial of CamPlus for two weeks before I could assign them to my CamPlus licenses I already have. When the trials expired I didn’t get any of these error messages / adverts but I got this one after moving the new cameras on to my unlimited CamPlus subscription - only one of the messages so far though.

Interesting, thanks for sharing buddy. Well, ShardlowM just demonstrated it wasn’t caused by the 12 second event that rap.tors had, because ShardlowM’s advert showed up right after one that was 29 seconds and before one that was 38 seconds…so it’s not the length of the event doing it.

I’ll have to keep an eye out and see if it still occurs for me on this new beta App, I haven’t noticed one all day today, but I will keep checking. It does seem like it should be programmed not to show this ad after videos that are obviously using cam plus (not 12 seconds or have an AI detection).

I must admit it is just a little annoyance to me - my main gripe is that I get 2 notifications for every event. It started when lots of people lost all their notifications … so at least I was lucky that only happened to me for one day.

When I have all 8 of my cameras switched on then my phone is constantly pinging. The techies are already looking into it but I seem to be the only one experiencing the problem. The only A.I. I am using is the one for motion as you can see in my original screenshot … And I don’t really know if I need that switched on as I only have CamPlus to remove the cool down period and the 12s limit on recordings.