Outdoor Cams Not Recognizing CamPlus Subs

For the last 3 days, my CamPlus recordings are intermittently not realizing that they have an active CamPlus subscription. The videos display the message in the image below. If I quit the app, and then view the recording again, it seems to have realized its error and then displays the entire recording. This seems to be connected specifically to Outdoor Cams, as I’ve never see the message on my Wyze Cam v3s. And yes, all of my cams show an active CamPlus sub in settings.

Anyone else seeing this odd behavior?


I’ve actually had this pop up on 2 of my V3’s with Camplus and have sent in 2 different logs. I too can restart the event playback and the 12 sec issue disappears. Started happening with that most recent beta app update…

I’m not on the beta app, but it started 3 days ago. If I remember correctly, there was a recent update to the “stable” release app, so maybe it’s the culprit.

This is still happening. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Looking at the image you posted, it shows a 45 second clip. Does it play as 45 seconds? If so, CamPlus is working or you would only see 12 seconds. I think this is an advertisement mechanism that isn’t working correctly. I see it on my cams as well, both those with CamPlus and those without.

Nope. It plays 12 seconds and then stops. If I quit the iOS app and then launch it again, then it plays the entire clip.

Strange. I just played one of mine and it shows 32 seconds and plays for 32 then I get the message about the CamPlus upgrade. I’m already running CamPlus on that camera. (Just a PanCam. )

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