Suddenly only recording 12 second video

I did the latest update a few days ago, and my subscription also started around the same time and now suddenly it only records 12 second videos. Previously, it was doing back-to-back videos up to 5 mins long. The 12 second videos are virtually useless to me, and it never takes another video of an event. How do I get it back how it was? It keeps telling me to upgrade to the subscription I already have to get longer videos. Any suggestions?

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After an update, the app sometimes needs smacked upside the noggin to make it reload cloud account info.

After you verify in your Account Tab → Services that all your cams are properly assigned to your CamPlus license(s), go to Account → App Settings and clear the cache.

Then, go back 1 page to Account and Sign Out (make sure you know your username and password).

Close the app.

Long press on the Wyze App icon and click App Info and then Force Stop.

Reopen the app and log back in. Test the cam to see if it will now record full length back to back event videos.


That didn’t work :frowning: for a while my subscription didn’t show up after doing that, and only came back after I logged out and back in again. But it pops up with some html error when I clear the cache.

Upset that it worked great when it was free, and is useless after I pay for the service!

Can you please verify a couple of things for me:

You tagged these Cam V3. Just wanted to be sure that is what we are working with.

What app version are you on?

Can you post a screenshot of the CamPlus services page? Also, if you get an HTML error on the cache clear in the app, it probably didn’t clear. Please post a screenshot of that error as well.

What may work is to unassign the cams from the CP licenses, go thru the cache dump again, but this time clear the cache also in the Android OS settings where you force stop (storage and cache).

Then log back in and reassign cams and test.