Why is Wyze app using cellular data when on local wifi?

Hi,wyze app

First of all , thank you very much wyze for wonderful v2 cameras . I use 5 of them wround the house. I use the latest available firmware and wyze app, lates iOS on my iPhone, Also I have wifi assistant off. My question is why wyze app is using my cell phones cellular data when I’m on local wifi? I have similar apps such as ring and o don’t have this problem.

Thanks in advance

I am using an iPhone and have no idea what WI-FI assist is?? The phone connects to the WYZE app via WI-FI if available and if not cell data. If I am in or around my home it uses the WI-FI, if I am out and about 100 miles away it uses cell data. I have no hot spots on my phone.

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Can u please check your cellular data usage?

Only after several seconds when on wifi I see wyze app using cellular data :frowning:

I’m connected to my wifi. Why wyze app is using cellular data?

How long was it running (current period)? You do realize that is barely half a single MB ?

(I don’t have an answer for you but networking is opportunistic.)

I checked mine it says usage this period 1.5 GB. I have Verizon, my account says I used .11 GB this period. So what is this period? I have a 5.0GB plan and currently have 9.5GB available in my account because they roll it over if you don’t use it. 615KB may be one small thumbnail picture. check your usage on your providers account is my recommendation. Edit** I found WI-Fi assist on it used 102 KB :upside_down_face:

30 seconds only. It adds up pretty quickly. Still wyze app shouldn’t use any cellular data when I’m on wifi.

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It sure does. That’s unacceptable. I hope someone figures this out. (The only logical reason would be that your WiFi wasn’t reaching the Internet.) Of course you can hit that toggle and prevent Wyze app from using any cell data, but that’s rather drastic.

Have you filed a support ticket?

This rundown is useful but no answer for you. :frowning:


Thanks. I just chatted with support. FYI ticket #1327242. The rep said they will contact product team about it. I’m ready to provide logs or whatever it is needed. Like u said it could be my wifi (eero mesh setup) latest firmware, blocking something (which would be very weird). How would wyze app be able to use both wifi and cellular data at the same time is beyond me :thinking:. I’m on a very light cellular data plan and with working from home most I had almost 1gb /month used by wyze app :thinking:. The only workaround is to disable cellular data for wyze app when using wifi and enabled it when needing to use it remotely. It is pain, but it works :wink:. Again I don’t see this behavior on any other apps I have on my phone including ring and my home security monitoring apps.

Thanks again for your help :facepunch:


Good luck.
I’m pretty cheap and hate to use my very limited cell data. I’m also usually in Beta testing.
Routinely over the last few years a Beta Update will kick my phone into using cell data instead of WiFi. I’ve complained, it seems to get fixed, then a few updates later it’s back to using cell data.

Thanks for letting me know. I’m currently using latest released iOS Wyze app v2.21.35. (Not beta). Hopefully Wyze product team will fix this since it seems to be a known issue.

Are you ABSOLUTELY SURE that you have NEVER used the Wyze app away from your WiFi? And I don’t mean that you were watching one of your cameras, I mean the app was running even in the background. If the app is running, it’s going to at the very least check in with the Wyze servers once in a while and if you get any event notifications, that takes a small amount of data for each one. Not sure the exact procedure on the iPhone, but on Android platform, unless you force stop the app, it’s still running in the background. Even after that it sill may have something running in order to receive event notifications.

Yes I’m 100% sure I was at home on my WiFi when conducting small test. I use iPhones cellular stats which I already posted screenshot above. With cellular data enabled for wyze app when on wifi, the app uses both cellular data and wifi. With the cellular data disabled for wyze app, the app only uses wifi ( no surprises there :rofl:).

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I looked up current period . Mine started June 2020, So my Wyze app has used 1.5 GB since October 2020 when I got the cameras. You can go to the bottom of the cell data page and reset the date.

Yes, that’s how I conduct my testing by resetting stats. You can see wifi logo at the top showing I was on wifi and wyze app was still using cellular data. Again wifi assistance is disabled on my iPhone. Unless eero mesh is doing something obscure to block wyze app and it’s forcing wyze app to use cellular data?!?! In any case the Wyze app should not be doing that. I think it should be either using wifi or cellular data, but not both.


Yes, if like most apps, it normally will use WiFi unless unable to make the connection and it will try cellular. That means if your WiFi could not connect for the exact one second that the app tried to make some handshake, it will go to cellular data. There are LOTS of reasons that even good WiFi at home will have momentary outages. Some of them related to the WiFi itself and some due to your internet. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but nobody at home has 100% perfect internet service. Remember, many ISPs brag about how highly reliable their service is - as much as 99.9%. That’s a minute and a half of down time per day. That’s terrible. By comparison, our data network at work (not an ISP) requires 99.9999% for each route - and we only accept that if there are multiple routes that each have that level of reliability.
If you really don’t want to use cellular data while at home, turn off cellular data.

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