Why is the WYZE app so useless?

I can not for the life of me understand how a company that makes such good products, and believe me I have a ton of them, can not make an app to control the cameras that works as it should? Constant notifications no matter how I set the schedule. I have tried everything to get the notifications to work. I have spent far too much time on the phone with support trying to get it to work as it should . I have friends I have recommended the cameras too that agree the app is trash. I ended up disabling all notifications from the app because I was tired of getting notifications constantly when they should not be enabled. It totally defeats the purpose of having the cameras. I am very tired of it. Just fix the app so it is actually useful! It should be a simple process to set up each individual camera to notify or not depending on the time. It is not.

Sorry about your experience!

Mind if I give your rules troubleshooting a try? What are you trying to have accomplished with what devices? Do you have screenshots of the rules you were trying to get working before? I know the back end is going through a rule engine migration about now so the next little bit might have some very small speed bumps, but it should be very little if any.