Rules made for Shared cameras reset daily, hourly sometime!

Why do my “Rules” keep resetting every time I turn them on? I have cameras that are being shared with me and I have them set to turn off notifications; however, notifications come from random times throughout the day. Do my rules control the cameras for the owner and/or is the owner changes his rules which then turn mine off?

Correct, Currently anything done for a shared device affects everyone it is shared with. So the owner is probably going crazy wondering why all this weird stuff keeps happening on it’s own, when it is you doing it, and you are getting frustrated that weird things are being done or undone when it is actually the owner doing it.

Currently notifications on or off are set that way for EVERYONE the camera is shared with.

If you want to customize your experience then you both need to have Android phones (iOS doesn’t allow this), then leave the notifications on 24/7 and have you both use something like Buzzkill or Macrodroid and have one of those apps intercept all the notifications and decide which notifications you get and when you get them.

Wyze says they are looking into multiple user permissions, but that doesn’t exist right now.

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Thank you for the information. I will be speaking with the person i’m sharing with. It blows my mind that each account wouldn’t be in control of their individual App instead of giving/sharing control to the cameras themselves and changing settings.

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Can you post some screenshots of your different rules you have set up and the rule history showing when the rules ran and if they were successful or not? Along with you talking to the shared user to see if they’re changing anything, we could get fresh eyes on your rules and their triggers and actions to see if there’s anything that could be fixed or simplified to help you.

One thing i have done is I created a schedule for each camera to turn off notification at 12:01am until 11:59PM for every day. So far so good but the day is only half over :wink:

So are you sharing the cameras, or are they being shared with you? Or both?

So for those cameras, you don’t want notifications at all at any time of the day? What type of rule is it? What is the rule trigger? Is it a scheduled rule? If it’s a scheduled rule, and you don’t want notifications at any point and you want that rule to make sure notifications are turned off, just leave out the end time. If you only had the start time in the scheduled rule your rule would fire its actions once at that start time. But since you added the end time, the rule will fire the opposites of your action which would then be turned on notifications for all those cameras. What does your rule history say occurred and the times that they occurred at? Since you have a lot of commands being fired at the cameras at a scheduled time of 11:59. If there’s any lag in the system sending or leg in your cameras receiving the commands, since the rule fires again at 12:01 to turn off the notifications the 11:59 turn on command may be received after the 12:01 turn off command. Makes sense? Personally I would remove the end time and just have the camera fire off the turn off notification command at 12:01 every day. Then regardless of your camera notification settings they will be told to turn off notifications every morning.