Why is my Ver 1 cam obsolete.......?

So not sure whats up had to remove (2) wyze cam Ver. 1 for a month or so (Construction) and go to install and says cant find wifi something… So call tech support and in the end was told cameras were OBSOLETE…

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The Wyze Cam v1 has reached EOL (End of Life) status, however the issue where they would not connect again is something we are trying to fix. We think we have found the issue and are currently testing a fix internally. I have linked to a thread below where conversation has been ongoing. I am sorry this issue has affected you and hopefully we can get this fixed and get your cameras up and running again.


@WyzeJasonJ, I did not bring that issue up. But you earned a “big ole thank you”, for that excellent and tactful reply. Very well done. What you said made sense. And we are all sorry that V1’s reached EOL. They are a great product. I still use mine. You are an ambassador.


Support should really get in line. They are telling people like this tough nuggies you’re out of luck, and offering others $5 coupons. According to what Jason’s said, what they should be doing is apologizing and saying Wyze is fixing it.


Thanks. Please notify once you have a solution. I have 3 V1 cams that have stopped working. Like many others, I am one of the very very early adopters for both the cam and sensors.

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A heads up would have been nice! Both my cameras protecting by business just stopped
Not happy I had to dash to get another camera

Both mine stopped beginning of May with ZERO heads up protecting my business
Being a monthly donator, I stopped

You can’t support my business I won’t support yours

I am sorry you ran into this issue also. I do know when it first started to happen it was a gradual thing because they work fine until the power is turned off then when you turn the power back on they will not connect. It did take quite awhile until we realized this was not a few isolated incidents and we had a larger issue.

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If I had any V1s I’d get the coupon plus wait for the fix.

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Wyze Screwed All the V1 owners, they probably will do the same to v2 and v3 eventually :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Okay, reality check. Phasing out limited scalable tech in favor of selling new hardware is not unique to Wyze. Who’s the master of this strategy? Companies like GM, Ford, Chrysler 70+ years ago. More recent, Microsoft - who makes very little hardware, but positions their “stuff” so as to allow computer makers to sell new stuff. Did I need to remind anyone of this? “I don’t think so Tim”.

HMS clearly offers more margin in a sale than Sense V1 even if V1 didn’t have a design flaw. Love V1’s I too have some hidden away, that I will bring out, and if they don’t work, I have at least used them as a blankey or teddy bear.

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