Wyze Cam Ver 1 obsolete or not?

Hello all,
Threw up a post on my 4 Ver 1 cameras about a month ago asking if the Ver 1 will ever work again…
Any update?


What have you done to try and get them running again?

They are listed as End of Life, but we want them to keep working, there was an issue we found in the firmware that caused them to not reconnect if they lost power. We put out a new firmware that needs to be manually flashed if the cam is offline. This seems to be working to get them back online.


Hi Jason,
Dave here from Garden Grove, CA so gave it a go this morning I held in the reset button then powered up the cam took maybe 15 20 sec said Ready to connect …then scanned QR code set the wifi to the 4G connection let it sit then I here the same thing Unable to find network or something like that…
Thanks for your time.

I am sorry you are having troubles getting it connected. Were you using the firmware downloaded from the webpage below?