Why do I have three out of 15 plugs it will not come back online

I have three out of 15 plugs that refuse to come back online after the Amazon fiasco. I would like to get them exchanged out so that I can rely on these things. I can’t be having to reinstall certain ones just because they won’t come back after Amazon goes down. Has anybody else having issues like this?

Have you tried removing power and then plugging them back in? I had one or two that needed to be power cycled.

Unplug them and plug back in we had a few that we had to do,I really don’t care for the wyze plug due to a power outage and when power comes back on we half to do that

Curious if these happened to be one model or another. I had a 2021 V2 Indoor Plug that didn’t come back without a power cycle. My other indoor and outdoor Plugs came back by themselves, as they usually do for me.

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I have the 2021 Indoor plug as well. They worked flawlessly for me. They still functioned during the outage and when everything came back up, the flashing blue light became solid. I cannot say when this occured as it was over night. My Outdoor plug functioned the same way.

However, I should note that during the outage, I did remove the plugs to see if I could get them to become connected again, but no luck. The Blue light kept pulsating.

Interesting that we all had different experiences with this outage.

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I wonder if that didn’t put it in a different mode – instead of trying to reacquire an old connection, maybe it started from scratch as a new power-up?

That is possible, maybe it was long enough for the IoT servers to forget them. If this ever happens again, I will try it again and see.

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We had a few of the version 1,all we did is unplug it and pull back in and it work…

Mine are all the new v2 plugs. Power cycling the ones that offline didn’t help. I have had to reset them and reinstall. Of course they were ones that were in places difficult to get to. I just don’t understand why these didn’t come back.

Can you see them on your router? I would power cycle your router