Why did Wyze tie the new unique notification sound setting to a user's ACCOUNT?

So I was really pleased to see that Wyze finally listened to user requests to provide a unique notification sound as an alternative to the system default sound on iOS. Buy why oh why did they decide to tie the sound setting to a user’s ACCOUNT and not to one’s individual instance of the Wyze app running on one’s device? My wife and I share one account and we discovered much to our mutual annoyance that when one of us sets the notification sound to his/her preferred sound, it changes the sound on the other person’s device as well. What was the rationale behind this user-unfriendly decision that forces shared account holders to play a game of battling notification sound settings?

Asking iOS users in general so I can understand this since I’m not extremely familiar with iOS: is it possible that this is due to an iOS limitation? Are there any other apps on iOS that allow changing the sound on the app that doesn’t also change that sound on another device that is also logged in with the exact account? I know iOS doesn’t allow customizing sounds on the OS level like Android allows.

I am just wondering if there are examples of this working differently with other apps on iOS, or if it is a byproduct of iOS not allowing anyone to change sounds on the OS level, and possibly requiring it to be done at the account level somehow.

I am happy to hear you have figured out to set up your own unique sound and I presume you have also found a way to control the volume. Would you be able to enlighten me as to where in the setting did you find a way to change to choice of sound and increase or decrease the volume. Any and all advise will be much appreciated.

I’m sorry - this was meant for you sjmarano.

@sjmarano is an iOS user so iOS users have two choices, WYZE Notification Sound or Apple Default sound. This is iOS, I believe Android users have different choices for sounds but I am an iOS user. I have never found a way to change a notification volume on iOS except turning the device volume down.

You can change the notification sound setting by clicking on the ACCOUNT link in the lower right hand corner of the Home screen. Then “Notifications” and “Push Notifications” and “Sounds.” If you’re running the latest OS, you should see two options there. But there is no option to control volume. And I’m still unclear why they chose to place these settings under one’s Account and not part of the Settings screen which seems like a far more logical and useful place to put it.

Thank you - I like that better already.

Yes, Android (at least the revision on my phone) lets you assign a different sound to each app.

Did you mean Wyze should tie notification sound to camera settings so each camera can have its own notification sound? That’s an item on the Wishlist.

But I think what you’re asking for is for the Wyze camera to be controlled by 2 instances of camera settings. Whenever I change camera settings on my iPhone, when I load up the Wyze app on my iPad my camera settings there would be updated to be the same.

Logically the camera should function one way (motion sensitivity, when to record, etc.) across different app instances, so I’m not sure if what you’re asking for is possible in iOS.

If Apple allows users to override default app notification sounds on the iOS level, then we can do what Android users do and get whatever sound we like per device since it’s done on the OS level.

Or, if Wyze can allow notification sound settings at the App level, and put that under App Settings in the UI, that may be possible.

I’m not suggesting that each user (and the instance of their app) be able to individually alter camera settings. I’m asking simply to allow a user to change the notification sound on their particular iPhone or iPad. But if I’m interpreting your comments correctly, you’re saying that - due to a limitation in iOS - there’s no way for an app to do that? Wow, if so that’s a very annoying limitation to Apple’s OS that I’m surprised has survived this far into their OS development.

It absolutely should be possible to have an app play a different sound on each device.

Wyze probably isn’t concerned here about people sharing an account the way you are and so made it as it is if that’s the way it is.

However, If you can select a sound file that you put on the device and use a file manager then you should be able to simply place a file in the same spot and rename it to that file and have a different sound on any device. That’s as long as it doesn’t upload it or only offer selected sounds provided by Wyze. I haven’t used this so I don’t know what it offers there specifically.

Well, I guess this is kind of like the Mac vs. PC debate. I was always a PC/UNIX person who loved customizing everything with scripts and file overrides and hated Mac computers for the lack of customization possibilities. Somehow I ended up on iPhone, iPad etc. and yeah, this is not fun.

I have never done any real iOS app development, so hopefully someone else can confirm whether this is really a limitation on the iOS itself.

But as far as I know, even iOS apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messengers which allow notification sound customization on iOS do so at the account level. Meaning, if I change the sound on my account in my iPhone, the sound when I run the app on my iPad will also change.