Why did ALL my Wyze cams stop working

Can someone explain to me why ALL my cameras are no longer working at all??? Very unhappy with Wyze products at this point!!!

What is not working? Can’t live view, no events, what? Have you tried power cycling, is your internet working?

What specifically is NOT working? Are they powered ON? Did you set a RULE that turned them OFF? Are there UPDATES that you have not completed yet? Please let us know more details. I am relatively new to Wyze but I am very happy with the products. I am still going through the learning curve; but even that is improving.

All units are showing offline and yes internet is on and i have tried rebooting cameras several times.

They all show cameras offline but internet is working and have rebooted several times and they were working up until i updated one camera then they all stopped working

Try power cycling the base station, and see if them come back. May need to give it a few minutes

because they have lost build quality… two of my outdoors, which i brought INTO my house because of hurricane Ian would not power back up… nothing fixed them… wyze said they’d give me $15 as good faith… i spend over $100 and get $15 back (yup, they were out of warranty)… i go through two cameras about every 13 months. im not going to replace them, im moving on, so pissed and disappointed in wyze…

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