Which Wyze lock settings use more battery?

Does “auto-unlock” or “door position” use more battery if it’s enabled?

Are there any options that drain the lock batteries or iOS batteries more if enabled, or is the battery drain the same regardless of the settings that are enabled?

I have only just installed the lock and other than filing the door catches to make the open/closing action smooth, the installation was a breeze! And I haven’t experienced any battery problems, I’m just curious if any features do have a greater impact on the battery life.

Thanks in advance

basically because the hub sends command signals ( doing most of the work instead of the lock) to the lock to do whatever it is you command the only things other than connecting to the lock directly with Bluetooth to change settings that would kill battery would be using it a lot. so if you have the auto unlock on and you are coming and going A LOT that would effect battery life.

I’m not sure on the door position sensor and it’s brain as yes, that is directly in the door but it depends how often the “heartbeat” signal to read the position actually happens. I’m not sure if I’ve ever read anywhere how often that is supposed to happen or if it only updates when the door senses motion to check and see if it’s open or closed, send the signal to update to show in the app then effectively “sleeps” again until the door senses a change in position.

so the second part im not sure on, but generally, the more you use it, the more batter you’ll use. and keep in mind, manually ( with your paw :slight_smile: ) locking and unlocking it does not effect the battery


Thanks! I hadn’t thought of locking it manually to save battery.

While playing around with the lock iOS app,

I turned off Auto-Lock and Door Position was still enabled. I then received a Battery Warning:

Keeping the door unlocked while Door Position is on will significantly shorten battery life. We suggest disabling Door Position if Auto-Lock is off.

I wonder why Auto-Lock off with Door Position on drains the battery more than having both on?

If Trash Mode is enabled, which temporarily turns off Auto-Lock will this also shorten the battery life? Can I keep Trash Mode enabled, activate it in the morning and de-activate at night without burning up batteries?

Also, if Auto-Lock timing is set to anything other than “At once”, such as 60 minutes, will this adversely impact the battery life.

Unfortunately turning off Door Position requires re-calibration. It would be good to be able to disable Door Position w/o re-calibration, or at the very least temporarily disable the battery draining aspect of the Door Position feature.

A post from Wyze about best battery practices would be helpful.

thanks again

Please correct if anything below is wrong and post new information if you have any other tips or info, I will try to add it to this post. Thank you.

Lock Battery Saving Tips:

• Set Auto-lock to 1 minute and manually lock
• Use Keypad instead of Auto-Unlock
• If Auto-Lock is disabled, Door Position enabled will significantly shorten battery life (unknown why?)

Remaining Questions:

• Would Trash Mode save battery if used for a longer time (hours or days) instead of disabling both Auto-Lock and Door Position
• Does Auto-Lock timing (At once up to 60 minutes) impact battery use?
• Does door position effect battery use (open v. closed)?
• Notifications doesn’t require iOS Background App Refresh, but does it impact battery?
• Any other tips for battery conservation?