Wyze Lock & Entry Sensor Combo Save Batteries

When I first purchased the wyze lock and keypad, I used the auto lock feature, but it drained my batteries quickly (3-4 months they were dead). I have multiple locks, so 4 AAs per lock every 3-4 months was not going to work. My final solution that is working fairly well for 2 months now is using the wyze entry sensor v2 in combination with the wyze lock.

I turned off the calibration and position sensing of the lock and let the entry sensor handle the door position sensing. The lock handling position sensing and powering the motor kills the batteries. So the wyze lock only handles the actual lock and unlock. My fix for the auto lock can be seen in my screenshot of a device trigger rule: when the sensor has sensed it has been closed for 5min (or desired length of time) lock the door.

You do have to get the wyze sense hub for the entry sensors, which if you use the attached link you can by the hub individually (this for whatever reason is not available individuallly in the store on the wyze app). The only downside if you want to call it a downside is that the lock uses its own gateway and the entry sensor uses its own hub instead of being able to use one gateway/hub. I wish Wyze would have made the lock and position sensor two separate devices in the first place that all went to one central hub.

I’m sure many others have dealt with battery issues with the wyze lock, so hopefully this solution will help.