Where's my badge? 📛

So, this happened:

I taught @carverofchoice something he didn’t already know‽ :exploding_head:

There should be some kind of recognition on my profile for that, right? RIGHT‽

(Before anybody makes the obligatory reference about stinkin’ badges, I’m already aware of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948).)


I was right and he was wrong once. He said, ‘Don’t get used to it.’ :wink:


Heh. That sounds about right.

Don’t get used to it; just…persist.

Also, only once? :point_up::wink:


I’m afraid so. He’s a monster (in the best sense of the word.) :grin:


They’re not all bad. Monsters, Inc. is probably my favorite Pixar movie, and I call my :cat: (whom I like) a monster frequently.

I’ll probably go back to my previous monster avatar here at some point.


My toddler kept being terrified of imaginary monsters, so at bedtime I finally started watching various monsters inc franchise media with her to hopefully help think monsters are nice.

I make mistakes all the time, and there is tons I didn’t know. The more I know, the more I know that I don’t know.

Actually rather than waiting brain storage “KNOWING” random trivia and things, I try to teach my brain how to remember there is a simple answer and how find it. Similar to this old description:

So, I’m okay with not knowing a lot of things. I would probably lose horribly on Jeopardy trivia. There are even a ton of things about Wyze that I don’t know or remember, But I definitely know how to leverage my Maven, Mods, and employee buddies (and even nanny other community Members) to help cover my gaps and weaknesses. Sometimes in back channels, or DMS, or sometimes just call them to come answer themselves.

I think, knowing how to use resources is way more important than knowing everything yourself. It allows you to go exponential beyond your personal resource limitations. Would Einstein have been as smart in physics as he was If he had filled up his mind and neural connections to Warehouse frivolous facts and trivia that he could instead look up when it was needed? There’s also a ton of evidence that he leveraged his wife as one of his greatest resources, and that she didn’t get as much credit as she probably deserves for all of the biggest things he got credit for. I relate to this since most of the success in my life can be attributed to my wife.

I think people who come to the forum without knowing things to ask. The people who do know them are actually really smart and leveraging their resources. They don’t need to know And figure out and memorize all of those things datas wise experts Can tell them ourselves. Doesn’t make anyone less smart by leveraging a resource instead of knowing it themselves. And a lot of ways it makes them more intelligent by knowing how to leverage such resources.

Anyway, just some random thoughts to keep in mind. :wink:

Word. In a previous job, I came to the realization that I couldn’t know everything about the vast subject matter I was dealing with. Once that sunk in, life was :pinching_hand: easier. (It’s never going to be totally easy when you set high expectations for yourself.)

I recall a class in high school where one of the things I took away was that it wasn’t important to know everything about whatever the topic at hand is but that it’s important to be able to find the information you need at a given time. Consuming information is one of the things I really like to do, though (despite The Police song), so there’s a lot of stuff up there in the ol’ :brain: warehouse (which is probably why things like Jeopardy! and pub trivia really appeal to me).

I was thinking earlier today—not for the first time—that over the past several years I’ve grown accustomed to offloading some things. I don’t know how many times a day I say to a smart speaker, “Hey, Google, remind me to….” It frees up my brain to think about other things, to do stuff that the computer can’t do, but sometimes it also feels like I’m training my own brain out of its short-term memory. :scream:

Yeah, he did! :point_right::ok_hand::smirk:

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Okay, so this happened:


I don’t know if it has anything to do with @carverofchoice, but I’ll wear this’n for a while an’ see how it fits. :man_shrugging:


Need a :raccoon: Badge. :grin:

Something like this?



That will work. :laughing:

Right on. Now I wonder if something like this would work for @peepeep’s Edge Case Badge:


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I had nothing to do with it. You earned it all by yourself. One of the few users to earn it organically! Most of the people in there are Employees or ex-employees (many of whom didn’t otherwise achieve the qualifications for Trust Level 3).

If you are curious what TL3 means, these are the standard default differences Discourse offers (I believe Wyze changed them a little bit):

I figured it was probably an automatic promotion based on meeting some criteria, but it also gave me an opportunity to give you some grief. :crazy_face:

Yeah. Like that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I noticed that when I scrolled the list, 'cause they all have BADGES! :grin:

Thanks for sharin’ the default Discourse criteria for the level-up. This is the only Discourse-based community I’ve used (so far), and I enjoy learning about the platform.

I appreciate your being a good sport. :upside_down_face:

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Hrm…apparently Spiceworks transitioned their community to a Discourse platform at some point, so I stand corrected. I have no idea when that happened, so I guess that’s an indicator of how (in)active I’ve been there for a while. :thinking::man_shrugging:



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Nice! I think that’s your second-best badge right now, with the first being the fact that you earned Power User TL3 organically, which few ever earn. :+1:

Some of these badges are really hard to get. There are a couple that are impossible (such as “First Reaction” since Wyze doesn’t do “reactions” and I can no longer get “New User of the Month” either. Then there are 3 Trust Level Badges that you don’t “earn” as much as it is a position (Admin & Staff, Wyze Team Member, and Forum Moderator badges). There is one “Community Spotlight” badge, but they haven’t used that since 2020, and I see my becoming a maven as my spotlight time, so if they did start it up again, I’d push for someone else to get it, including you.

But there are 3 badges it is POSSIBLE for me to get that I haven’t yet: Great Reply, Great Topic, and Great Share. I will probably get the "Great Reply badge sometime this year. I have 1 comment that is 2 likes away from hitting that mark, and then I’ll be the 11th person to earn it. I had another post that got close and stopped at 5 away from hitting it. I’m confident I’m nowhere near the other 2 though. Probably will never get them. I could potentially get the Great Share if I really tried for it. Not sure I’ll ever get the Great topic though. I rarely start topics in the public areas nowadays.

I think I’m tied for second most “Good Reply” Badges, and in “Nice Reply” badges. BUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTT…I just checked, and I finally am no longer DOUBLED by Gwendolyn! They have 148 and I have 78 :joy: I finally passed the halfway mark to one of Gwendolyn’s legacies! I didn’t even realize that finally Gwendolyn is no longer double me!

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Since it’s this topic, I should probably just go ahead and get another one. (I don’t really care that much about collecting the badges, and it’s been a surprise whenever I’ve seen one pop up in my notifications, but I feel like at this point I should go ahead and knock this one out just to continue to be snarky and pretend to make a big deal about this topic.)

:pencil2: Edit: And…boom!


How ridiculous can I be?

I did the same thing to intentionally get the email badge. :slight_smile:

I half use email notifications as a history “log” so if the employees or mods change something (or another user edits a post), I can go back to my email and see the original message. :joy:

But I’ve probably only ever replied to an email a single time just so I could get the badge for it. Might as well.


This song is kinda meh like badges so I guess it belongs here. :wink: