Hey Everyone

A little birdie told me some of y’all have missed seeing me around, so I thought I’d make a quick post. It really warmed my heart to hear that some of you noticed I was gone for a bit.

I’m ok, life just got a bit busy (promotion, sole person in my unit, taking on extra projects, helping out another unit with their backlog, upgrade systems testing, and some minor health issues in my senior animals - they’re all OK, don’t worry) and had me stretched kind of thin.

You’ll be seeing me around a bit more often this next week as I’m going on a much needed vacation, but I may not be as active for a while longer. Hoping once they hire more help at work I can get back to my Wyze addiction… Er… Hobby. Let’s go with hobby. :joy:

I hope everyone has been well!


TK! You got a nice smile, a cool vibe and you’re fun! More like you we need!

Yes! smiley-says-yes-emoticon



Bring back the '30s or whenever that was drawn I love it! :laughing:

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Late 30’s early 40’s I’m pretty sure. Bambi is my favorite Disney film. Little April Shower is my favorite Disney song.


Wow, how beautiful and charming is that, I’d never seen it… :face_holding_back_tears:

I’m sending it to a friend right now. Thanks!

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It’s a great animated film and the soundtrack is one of my favorites. Just… Be prepared to cry a bit. A few scenes still get me every time.

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I’ll watch it with @Antonius. We can buck each other up. :grin:


Lol Buck. Pun intended? Or happy accident?

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Lol, accident, but I’ll take it!

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How dear.


Hiya towel, good to see you.




Glad you are back around As you know, take the time for yourself.


Ok, towel, look what you started… :grin:

Peep   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saa98l0yDYQ

Friend  How charming ! Amazing that these images were hand drawn, eh ?
B [her terrier] is under the Ottoman as I write this, in response to distant thunder…:slight_smile:

Yeah, really beautiful, and charming, as you say… Drawn in the late '30s early '40s so made in America… How much were women involved in the creation of it would you think?

Well, I am pretty sure that the secretaries were Women. Beyond that, they were probably rather scarce. What is your opinion ?

This scene I would say has an awfully sensitive touch, tender and deep. So, I would say, yes, a talented woman in at least one prominent role and a few artists.


Wellllll. No women in (credited) prominent creative roles. Voice artists, yes, motion models (ice skater, etc), yes, up to 10 as cell painters (I guess) in the art department. Scrolling through the full credits is eye opening, both in gender and in the mass of people involved in creating it.

The female voice artists playing major roles and interacting with director, writers and artists, may be from where the female POV was suffused.

It doesn’t feel to me like just some sensitive men independently imagining real hard their maternal ideal… Does it to you?

Unlike you, I do not have a strong feeling either way about “a bunch of sensitive men” vs Women. Maybe the men got input from their wives, or maybe artists were mostly Gay Back then :slight_smile:

Yep, valid points. :slight_smile:

Two words: Tyrus Wong!   :open_hands: :raised_hands:

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Apparently this is a thread for telling the Towel Queen we enjoy her company and help here in the forum, so count me in on participating!

We understand ruling a towelkingdom is busy work, and doubling as a diplomat to the Wyze Kingdom is time-consuming, but important.

Glad you’re still dropping by in your spare time!


@towelkingdom has been a lot of help around here in the few years I have been here. I am very glad they keep coming back after the short absences.


Y’all. I’m checking in from vacay and this popped up. You are all so very sweet! Hello from Michigan!


I used to be able to check in from vacation, now I get in trouble if I do.


Glad to hear from you!

Michigan? Buckeye B&B here. Used to vacay every summer @ G-parents cottage on Rose Lake as a child. Always enjoyed the annual trek to the Kellogg’s plant in Battle Creek for the tour. Then, as an adult, spent about every summer for 18 years in Grayling…:disappointed:


We are in Boyne Falls near Boyne City. It’s beautiful here!

Went to Mackinac decades ago as a teenager. Glad to visit again!