Where to install contact sensor on window

Just bought the home alarm system with the contact sensor for the window…
As we are installing them, we realized we have the bug screen on the interior, and can’t get a right spot to stick the contact sensor to.

Any pictures or advice on how everyone install the sensor is greatly appreciated!!

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The screen is on the inside? That is going to make it difficult. I can’t even envision how you open the window with the screen on the inside.

Not sure how much room you have between the screen and the window pane frame, but you might be able to mount the small magnet puck to the sill or the side jamb from the side. You would need to use additional adhesive strips stuck to the side of the magnet so that the line still meets the sensor. Then mount the sensor flat on the bottom or side frame of the window pane so that the sensor is moving with the window away from the magnet when opened.

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The window open with the hand crank.
So the bug screen stay intact, and just need to hand crank open the window.
Not much space between the window glass and the bug screen unfortunately.
Definitely didn’t see this problem coming until now.

Ah yes… casement windows. Didn’t think of that.

Is there enough space between the window and the screen to allow for the thickness of the sensor? If so, the magnet can be fixed to the jam or sill of the opening side of the window (not sure if they are horizontal or vertical casements) with the sensor stuck to the window pane so that it pulls the sensor away from the magnet when opening.

You can experiment to see how small and what length size necessary to serve your purpose, but you need NOT use the magnet side that came with the sensor.

Ooopps, Big TYP-O - missing word. Changed the meaning completely. Sorry.

Not really ideal… but here’s the pic of the trail configuration.
Not sure how long it can stay this way


Didn’t quite work… it keep falling when I opened the window.

Any advice? thanks

Can you post a picture or pictures with the window partly open? Maybe 2 inches? I just want to see what parts are the moving window and what parts are the frame/screen. Thanks!

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First, please forgive my second grade coloring. I hope you get the gist of what I am proposing.

The question is: will the magnet and the sensor fit in between the screen and window?

If so, I would try to place bot at the bottom left, both facing you with the lines on each aligned with each other.

Affix the magnet to the side frame with adhesive on the outside side and bottom side of the magnet puck, NOT to the window. This is the solid colored part of my drawing.

Affix the sensor to the window, with a slight gap between the sensor and magnet for opening clearance, by the adhesive on the back of the sensor. You will only be able to use half or so of the adhesive on the bottom half of the sensor, but it should hold. This is the non-colored part of my drawing.

When the window opens, the sensor should travel with the window away from the sensor.

Option #2 would be similar, but you can affix the magnet to the frame of the window so it moves out when the window is open and flip the sensor backwards so it affixes to the inside of the screen and stays in place when the window opens.

I expect some people to say this is extreme. This is what I use on my gate. Mostly because it separates the sensor from the magnet switch side and give me flexibility

Also quite difficult to integrate into an HMS monitored system. No compatibility whatsoever.

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hmmm, Quite is not quite the right word. More like Impossible. I didn’t think about HMS. You are right.

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The measurement with the tape measure appears to be from the left hand window without the screen.

The sensor is ~15mm thick. Is there 15mm between the screen frame and the sash frame?

Yes coz I couldn’t put the measuring tape in with the screen on.
So the groove where I highlight in blue is where the screen slide in.
But because the screen also has its own thickness. So that also take up another 1/4” or so.

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Not enough then. I took a look at the first shot. The magnet looks like it is wedged in the space on its side, so it isn’t enough room if it were to be rolled 90° since it is taller than it is wide. This also means the sensor won’t fit…

The only other option I can think of is if the sensor was narrow enough to lay flat on the sash bottom sill against the glass with the groove toward the screen and then stick the sensor groove side directly to the screen on the inside (screen between the two).

Would it work to take out the magnet so that it is easier to squeeze in there and then use double-sided tape or something to hold it in place.

Or you can also buy some cheap small magnets online that can do a good job too.

There may be other solutions that don’t need a direct pointing line of sight :thinking:
I might have to try experimenting later.

My recommendation is to install the contact sensor on the screen frame in the house. Buy the flat thin Rectangle Neodymium Magnet and put one or two of them on the window frame or on the glass using double sticky tape within one inch of the contact sensor. Then when the window opens the magnet moves out with it and the contact sensor triggers.
I’m doing this on several sliding windows and has been working well.
P.S. Be sure to position the contact sensor so that when glued to the frame there is still access to the pairing button and the ability to replace the battery without removing it from the frame.

Buy the magnets at Hobby Lobby for $7.99
“Imagination Station”
Brand: Tree House Studio
SKU: 1607332
Choose a magnet with the strength to get the job done! Rectangle Neodymium Magnets are extra strong and have a magnet strength rating of ten.

Length: 15/16"
Width: 5/8"
Thickness: 1/16"
Gauss Rating: 1911
Package contains 8 magnets.

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