How to install wyze door sensor?

Any ideas how to install since balcony door is sliding into frame?

See photo

Hello @dmmatic, can you place the sensors a little bit higher than attach the adhesive on the back of the sensors to the door frame and door so it is stable?

Tape it up with some easy to take off tape and try it. I tried it with one of mine and it works that far apart in that arrangement.

@gemniii so what you are saying even a small contact should

work… like on my new photo

No - what I’m writing is that you don’t HAVE to have contact.
I think they can be up to 3/4 inch apart.

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I got it installed on the top of my balcony door and works good

And since reset button is on the top i had to twist pin thing so it worked ok.

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Pleased to see it worked. And thanks for reporting back with pics.