Double Hung Window mounting location for V2

Anyone mount their V2 entry sensor on a double hung window?
I can’t find a place to mount one without having to have two sensors for every window!
Maybe a very thin magnet will still trip the sensor??

Examples? Ideas?

I have done the following to verify it would work. On my windows, I have enough space where I can do the following:

  • Remove the Magnet from the actual case, easy to do.
  • Affix the Magnet to the window - you can use simple 3M two sided tape.
  • The Sensor can go on the top of the Sash, so when the window is opened, in either direction, the sensor is triggered.

For appearance purposes, you can paint the magnet White. I will post pics if you would like.

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Yes maybe a pic? I’m not sure I’m following what you mean.
Maybe my description was bad. I have a lower half of a window and upper half. The bottom can be lift up or the top can be pulled down. Or… top pulled down some and bottom lifted some.
The only way I can mount the sensor is for one half to work. I can’t find a way to mount it so that no matter which half is opened it triggers. It’s way to fat to allow the window frames to pass each other.

I will send some pics today for you.

@jimjrfl , Here is what I did

Take the Magnet side of the Contact Sensor

Open it up

Take the Magnet out

Cut a piece of 2 sided tape

Add the tape to the Magnet making sure it is on the widest side

Attach the magnet to the window - top sash

Attach Sensor to the Lower Sash on top of the window

Sensor will read closed

Open the window enough so the sensor can sense a change Notice the sensor stays on the window I am opening. and the magnet is on the outer sash. you can see it through the window

Sensor will read open

Does not matter if you pull the outer sash down or the inner window up.

Note: I did go back and level the sensor. :slight_smile: Also, you can paint the magnet Black / White / or whatever you would like. I have left mine alone for now.

Hope this helps.


I only have 7mm of room. Wasn’t very hopeful but… It works! Thank You, Thank You!!!
I was surprised at how easy it was to open the magnet case and remove it. Thanks for the pictures as that really helped. Now I guess I need to order more V2 sensors. Ha!!

Thanks again,


Was my pleasure. When I first did it, I felt it was not going to work either. But was pleasantly surprised when it did.

Glad it worked out for you.

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Nice @spamoni4. That’s a simple and cool solution!