Ideas for Movable Entry Sensor Magnet

I want to mount a few entry sensors so that they will function on windows that are both closed and partially open. I’ve been brainstorming some sort of track or hanging method that would allow the sensor to provide an alert if the window is opened from both 1) a truly closed position and 2) if opened more than the set position. Any ideas?

Depends what you are wanting to accomplish. If the Window is fully closed, and then someone opens it an inch or so, do you want to be alerted? or do you want to be alerted when it passes a certain point?

Since it is a magnet, you can put the sensor on the window side and line the magnets up on the frame. If you want it to alert after about 6 inches, you can put enough magnets to cover that distance, then when it exits that area you get alerted.

Or you can put a magnet when fully closed and then one, say about 6 inches (or whatever distance you want). Then when the window opens it will Alert, when it gets to your set distance, it will look as if it is closed. Then if it goes beyond it will Alert again. But the downside of this is when you close the window, it will first say it was open until it gets to the fully closed state.

Just a quick thought.


@spamoni4 I was stuck on assuming one magnet that moved to align with the sensor, but multiple magnets is a much simpler solution - it seems so obvious now. Thank you for helping me get unstuck on this!

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Helped me too, thanks.