Contact sensor on a crank out window

I have three crank out windows that I am looking to protect not sure how to use the contact sensor or if there’s a better way to integrate these three windows into my home security system

It’s all in the mounting.

Figure out where to place the switch in a closed position and see if it opens the circuit when the window is open.

I placed mine on the wall for my garage door. It works fine.

These windows also have screens on them. I will have to play around with it over the next few days while I wait for my sensors to show up.

Hopefully you can find a place to keep them out of the rain.

For what my comment is worth, @ssummerlin adds a great point. And to help, you might consider painting them with Plasti-dip

Also, just so you know, you don’t need to use the magnet that comes with them. I never. I usually find one 2-3 inches long, 1/4-3/8th wide that is as thin as a popsicle stick. The longer length reduces my dependence on making the positioning as critical. Sometimes the 3M tape is good, but usually I get some Gorilla clear double-sided tape. And don’t need to always cover the full length of the magnet. Usually the ends.


Hello All and @Sam_Bam.
Some good points about rain exposure and magnet length. I had issues with the adhesive attachment tape for the magnet portion of the contact sensor. The pictures below show how a piece of plastic, some glue, and some small brads or screws can make a permanent attachment in the right circumstance.
Attached to a small piece of plastic. These kinds of magnets can be obtained from the internet. two small brads or screws can last a very long time.

Attached to a mailbox door.



I did purchase off Amazon a bag of magnets that had screw plates to them it seems mine the kids like to slam the door so those were always falling off of all my doors and I screwed them in and now I haven’t had any issues so I still think I have like three or four of them after yours


I talk about this some where here. The distance to my mailbox (townhouse complext) is 153 fee from my door. I needed something with RANGE. I found Yosmart products. Yolink is the product name. I bought a $20 hub and a $18 motion sensor. the Motion sensor is at the bottom. When a hand is waved in front of it, I get an alert. I’ve got Alexa reporting the mail has arrived, an Alexa Glow turning colors, 5 Wyze bulbs going on and off in different places. And staying on in case I missed the voice. In 16 months now, not once has it failed when the mail arrives. Love it.


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Impressive. All I get are ads.

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Thank you. I like what I see.

Welcome. Battery life is amazing. 18 months to 2 yeas. Range is 1/4 mile to 1,000 feet. And reliable. Install them, they work all the time. Some of the devices can be linked together, so even when the Internet goes down, they still work and report.


@Sam_Bam and Others.
To be picky I would state the range as going as far out as a 1000 feet or even 1/4 mile. (5280 ft/mi x 0.25 = 1328 ft) :wink: