Where is Wyze Cam lite in V4

I think I am done with Wyze cameras. With the 12sec lite feature gone now in V4, It is pretty much useless to me. I am not going to pay the amount they ask. All it does now is take a snapshot and you have to roll-into the camera to see before and after.

Please bring back the 12 sec ability. I get it, you want to monetize on it. I would NOT have bought a V4 if I had known this. I now regret it. My V3s all have this, but not its a pain in rear to look at before/after - I have a low bandwidth situation too.

Signed - disappointed

Cam plus lite only works on V3 and older cams. The information is available.


Would putting an SD card in suit your needs?

You will get a notification, tap on the notification then look at the ad card.

Set the SD card for continuous recording.

I’m tired of people beating a dead horse…


I always do research prior to hitting the check out button. :upside_down_face:

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@Antonius - Can you post this everyday, in every forum, all over the Internet?

This (and the nagging RTSP question) are asked and asked and asked… meanwhile, 3 YEARS have gone by since it was removed. Somehow, people are still asking.

Continuing to want something for nothing.

The Eufy, Reolink people will be sure to stop by after I post this to talk about that… Which is weird to me, shouldn’t they hang out in the Eufy/Reolink forums?

I don’t go to their forums and talk about how they only have cameras (no other smart home devices) and no way to automate them in a cool way.

Meanwhile, when I leave my house… My cameras, lights, T-Stat, Lock, Purifier, motion, and contact sensors… ALL kick into the AWAY mode using a Geo-fence (my custom set of settings). And when I come home… they go into HOME mode and set themselves according to my custom ruleset.

If you want to measure cameras 1 vs. 1. Other companies have some advantages no doubt… but you can’t compare the suite of Smart Home automation/Rules to Wyze because… they simply don’t have that.

I guess you have something that others lack, common sense :slight_smile:

Amen to that!