Where is serial number do I really have to unmount it to look?

I can’t look up serial number on app?

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Wyze doesn’t really use a serial number for anything. I don’t think the cam will have a Serial number on it even if you unmounted it, so don’t bother.

The MAC address is basically treated as a serial number since it is a unique identifier, which is generally the purpose of a serial number. And you can get that in the app by going to the device, then tap the gear icons for settings, then Device Info, and in there will be the MAC address which is used as the serial number by customer support, etc. :+1:


When I had a problem with mine, I had to take a picture of the bottom of it so they could see the code box (forgot what it’s called).

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The QR code is an encoded representation of the MAC.


Oh right, that’s what it’s called. Thanks.