Mac id and QR code.

After doing some googling I’ve decided to stick my wyze cam to the wall using 3M command strips instead of the 3M adhesive that’s included with the cam. Mainly because that’s what some users did, as the adhesive one is strong and is very difficult to remove. Bad choice. The cam fell off from the wall along with the strips after only 1 week. My concern is when I pulled the strip away it partially tears the piece of paper that is pasted below the base. It bears a QR code and Mac id that is now not readable. What is the id and code for? Should I be concern cause I’ve got 2 more that I’ve pasted the same way and I’m gonna take the the command strips off.

I wouldn’t worry about it. There’s really never a time you need the MAC ID. However, you connect to the camera, tap the gear icon, then Device Info, the MAC ID is listed there. So you can record it, or print it and stick it back on the camera if you want.

BTW, where I have mine attached to walls, instead of using adhesive, I drilled a small hole in the base (not in the center where the magnet is) and used a small wall anchor and screw to secure it to the wall. It is very secure that way and if ever removed, the hold left by the wall anchor is easy to repair.