Where do I view the recordings? Nothing in events…

I have CamPlus and been subscribed for months. For the life of me, I cannot figure out where to view the cloud videos or any for that matter.

My account in the app says I have 9hrs 19 min of video and 420 people detected but where do I view that?

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All CamPlus Cloud Recorded Video Events are kept for 14 days in the cloud and are viewed in the Events Tab.

Be sure to review your filters to insure you don’t have them filtered out of view. Use the funnel in the top right to set your filters for the types of events you want to see and which cams to display.

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thank you for the reply. i don’t have any filters on and i even turned on scheduled recording to record starting now for 30 days and that isn’t even showing up.

In the wyze app , on the bottom of the screen their will be different tabs , go to events and it’ll show you all of the events that have been uploaded to the cloud

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Thank you for replying. See, I have gone to the events tab, nothing there but see where it says there is 9 hrs of video? Where is that? How do i see that?

Sorry if Im being dense. I have even gone to the tutorials but they seem to not be up to date and don’t have the same tabs and steps that the app that i have on my iPhone

What of camera is it ?


Where you are seeing that is the Accounts tab.

Try this: click on the Events in the lower bar (second from left beside Home). When it loads, click the funnel. Check every box there so that they are all blue. This will insure you have all of them set to show. You can turn off the ones you don’t want to see later.

After you save that, you will see in the events tab that events are shown on a daily basis. There may not be any events today. Start clicking the numbers at the top (days date), going back day by day to see if you have any events in the past 14 days.


it is the Outdoor cam 3

Question…do I need to turn the scheduled recording on to record for like the next month? Is that why nothing is recording?

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@IEatBeans can you help us out here


Regardless of what type of Cam it is, if you are being shown in the Accounts tile that you have CamPlus video footage, that is cloud saved video that has already been recorded and saved to the cloud. They should be accessible in the Events Tab as outlined above going back 14 days.

As for the Scheduled Recording, that sounds like a Wyze Cam Outdoor (battery operated), which only comes in a v1 and a v2. The Wyze Cam V3 is an indoor\outdoor wired (plugged in) camera and doesn’t have scheduled recording.

@Antonius is a seasoned WCO user and can speak to how it operates. I do not have one so can’t help you with its functions.


Yea, all cam plus stuff goes in the events tab. If you don’t see it there, hit the hourglass icon and hit clear in the corner.

Sounds like you have the v3, is it plugged in?

You need a micro sd card inside the cam for continuous recording, but with cam plus you will get all the events anyway.

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I think he’s got the battery camera so that’s why I tagged you bc you have those


Outdoor cam 3 ? Is your camera plugged in to the power adapter? Or is it a battery powered cam.
Events page icon is on the bottom of the app home page. Under event recording setting detects motion must be turned on.

If you have a battery powered WCO, set for 30 day scheduled event recording open the camera to live view, on the bottom right you will see some lines and “more” tap more.
Top line right side you will see album, tap it.

The album looks like this. You need to download to you device to view. If you have events recording turned on the same videos should be on your app events page.


That was entirely the problem, I didn’t have it on scheduled recording, I thought the Cam Plus was the solution for that, but its on now and it has picked up some motion. Not great though, I have it set up at the entry gate to my driveway and while it barely picks up the tail end of the big red tractor going through the gate, it completely misses our beige pickup truck.

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BTW, thank you for the picture explanation. I am completely a visual learner so seeing it and how it looks for me on my phone was a God send!


I guess I am the one who is now confused :thinking: You do not need scheduled recording turned on to get Cam Plus events to show up on the events page of the app. If you want the events to be saved on the SD card in the camera you do need scheduled recording set up and on. How far is the camera from the gate and which way is it viewing. These cams detect motion best when motion is moving across the view of the camera at an angle, straight at or away from the cam not so good. The second screen shot below is from one cam watching the gate at the end of the fence, the face of the cam is pointing at the white SUV in the driveway next door.

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Thanks again for your help. So frustrating to not be able to make this work right.

It is an Outdoor 2…i misspoke about it being a 3. It is running on battery. The camera is about 10 feet from the driveway and travel goes across, from left to right.

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But on the bright side it captured the chickens :rofl: That is not a very long area to catch a moving vehicle considering the cam has to wake up then film it. I moved my cams 6 times before I got them to capture what I wanted to.


Yes it sure does great at capturing the stupid chickens and wild turkeys! When it tags it as PETS, I tell it no way are those turkeys pets!

Ok, good to know about the distance not being enough to capture. I am getting vehicles but only like the tail end of them. So I will have to evaluate that and I moved the camera up a tad to have the driveway more in that PIR zone.

You have been the bomb for fixes and for helping me so much ( and patience). Thank you so much.