Can't find cloud at all

I can not find anywhere to access the cloud. Not even to sign up with it much less access it. Nothing is under events. What’s going on I want to know my cams are going to the cloud and how to access them. I just signed up for the cam plus deal I’m also using sd card… Why can’t I access this? Or find ANYWHERE to take me to the “cloud” I’m on Android
I’ve cameras a whilebut wasn’t using them just put them to use again and added some new ones.

The first thought is that you don’t have any event settings set on your cameras that would cause them to send recording to the cloud. For each camera, if you go to Settings > Event Recording, is there anything set?
The other possibility is that you have event filters preventing you from seeing events that are recorded. On the Events tab, click the little funnel icon near the upper right corner. If there are any filters set, the button for “Clear All” will be green. Select that. If that selection is grayed out, it means that there are no filters set. Select Clear All if it is green, and then the big “Show results” button on the lower right corner.


If you just signed up for Cam Plus open the app > go to account bottom right > services and see if you cam is listed and activated. The SD in the cam will do you no good unless you set the cam for scheduled event recording, travel mode or Time Lapse.

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I have it set to record ALL events

It’s on contiious recording all of its viable on the SD card via playback I want to view it on the cloud and know it’s going there too… All recording features are on. Contiious then have all the detection methods are on
Is no option to view cloud

Recording to the cloud and recording to the SD card in the camera are two different things. You will not get cloud recordings unless you go to settings > event recording > and turn it on and select all motion events or smart detection events. If you use smart detection you need to choose what events you want like Person, Pet, Package, Vehicle.


Can you post screen captures of your event settings and what you see on the Events tab.


I have everything checked in smart detection events. What is the process to view in the cloud?

Select the Events tab at the bottom of the main screen.

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Are you saying selecting the events tab is viewing events in the cloud?

Yes. If you click “events” in the bottom menu of the app, that’s where your cloud saved events are shown.

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Those same Video Event uploads for Cam Plus Subscribers can also be viewed thru an internet browser by logging into Wyze Live Web View at Live stream - Wyze and selecting Events.

Thank You Slabslayer!

My v2 is not supported, there is an event I would like to save and view later or share is that possible?

The Cam V2 is supported in Wyze Live Web View. Live Web View, however will only work for cams subscribed to Cam Plus. Are you using a battery operated cam that connects via a base station?

Any uploaded Events Videos remain available for viewing in the Events Tab of the App and on the Live Web View interface for 14 days. Those videos can only be downloaded to your phone using the Download button from within the Event Viewer on the App.

If you have an SD Card inserted and recording, you can also go to the SD Card Videos saved on the cam for the time of the event by using the View Playback bar in the Live Stream or the Playback SD Card icon in the Event Viewer. There, once the video time frame is found, you will need to press the Record button while the video is playing to save it to your phone. Alternatively, the card can be removed and read on an external SD Card reader to access the underlying one minute MP4 Video Files recorded to the SD Card.

I forgot to add Outdoor cam v2. I would like to save and view later or share an event is that possible?

I do not have a Wyze Cam Outdoor, so I am not experienced with how to view and save SD Card Videos from its interface. Perhaps @Antonius, @Omgitstony, or one of the other @Mavens with the WCOv2 can assist you with this.

In any case, all Video Events, from all cams, are uploaded to the cloud server and saved for 14 days. These are listed in the Events Tab of the app. Be sure to follow @K6CCC’s instructions above to be sure there are no filters obscuring your Event Video list. If the cam is not subscribed to Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite, there are no video events, only thumbnail snapshots. The only way to save these Event Video files is to click the Download icon in the upper right corner of the video.

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Thanks Again SlabSlayer :grin:

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