Where do I complain about the frequent 2FA challanges on web?

New Camera customer, app on phone is a tad annoying but whatevs - if I hear the event noice and I’m on my laptop I want to check it in the browser,

Having to re-enter password sucks but also = whatevs.

Having to reach out for my email for 2FA for whatever rando reasons is absurd - remember the device for 30 days as the checkbox promises! I do not have this issue with any other website.

Support wasn’t very helpful besides sending me here, but this is effing ovberwhelming - I just want to see when the mice come to visit.

Welcome @nhed , sorry to hear you are having issues.

Not sure what issue you are running into, my assumption is that you cannot get into the site to view your cameras, is that correct? or is it simply that it is not remembering your account or logon when you checked Remember for 30 days, but are still able to get in?

If it is that you cannot logon because you are not getting a code, I would check to make sure the code was not sent to your Spam.

Also, have you tried clickin on the link “Try another way”, if you setup 2FA to use an Authenticator app or SMS, you can utilize that process.

I get the code in the email and I use it fine - but I click the “remember this device for 30 days” and it does not!

I dont want to be sent to my 2FA method whichever method it is more often than once every 3 days for a given browser

I suspect they decide it is a different device just because i left work op up with my home IP or vice versa but thats an absurd requirementy

and no - i did noty try another way cuz i have no other way configured - it only lists the email option. even once i auth wherever i navigate i cant find how to modify my account settings

Have you tried on the app. bottom right, account. If that doesn’t work go to the WYZE Web site click on the top right to open your account.

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Thanks @Antonius - not being able to do it on the website where I created the account is intuitive.

The folks at WYZE need to figure out some of their customers are old and dont want to d to dink with their phone for every little thing

Still why they are not able to “remember for 30 days” is beyond me