Two Factor Authentication Requirement

Just received an email from Wyze saying two factor authentication is now going to be required. Anyone know what this will break from a non-Wyze perspective?


Didn’t get that email and haven’t heard that yet. Post a screenshot?

Here is where it’s going to cause problems:
Wyze’s implementation of SMS 2FA requires a phone number beginning with country code +1. At this time, this is limited to North American phone numbers from both the US and Canada.


Nooooo! Two factor authentication is the worst!

Nothing but trouble and inconvenience and pain and loss and wasted time. It is NOT appropriate for many of our “use cases”.

I hope this is not happening.


I would not click any links until the authenticity of the email can be verified.

I have ran it up the flagpole to get confirmation.

Stand by.


I wouldn’t do that anyway…It has to be setup within the app.

Add for information:


Agreed. Saw the link portion in the email you got and, because I don’t have it, I can’t trace the link.

Just want to be certain it is authentic. You are the first to report this.



Well, I did need another reason to move on from the Wyze platform, I guess.

What a customer hostile change.


12 min ago. Looks like something is starting. Trying to get confirmation from Wyze…

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Many international users are going to be very upset since SMS ONLY works in the US.


I activated it after I got the email an hour ago. I’m in Canada and I need to use an authenticator. In my case, I have been using Microsoft for several years. Everything works well. Both for authentication of the application or my account on the website.

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All fine and well, but not everyone uses an authenticator.

They will not have the choice.

Microsoft or iOS: ‎Microsoft Authenticator dans l’App Store

Google Authenticator for iOS: ‎Google Authenticator dans l’App Store

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It’s not a bank account - it’s some cameras looking at my sidewalk. This is one of the dumbest corporate decisions I’ve ever seen. You know what kind of rinky dink, low value target organization still doesn’t require the huge hassle that is multifactor authentication? A little local startup called Amazon. You know, the place that stores credit cards for your whole family and your buying history and your smart home devices and your TV viewing…

Obviously a Wyzecam pointing at the yard or the pet bowl is MUCH more important and in need of pointless additional layers of security than freaking Amazon. Obviously.


I use Authenticator for Android w\ biometric fingerprint access


A user in the discord included a screenshot

This is what he received. I have not gotten any emails stating this . Strange

" **In the coming weeks, all users will be required to use two-factor authentication to log into a Wyze account. "

The day it will be activated by Wyze for all users, I predict a hard earthquake on the forum and social networks.


Not all that strange. Mass mailings always go in batches to avoid too many spam flags (and overloading the marketing company’s mail servers). Most people will probably get it… if their address still exists… and if they ever check it… and if they understand it… and assuming it doesn’t go to a spam folder… and if they can figure out 2FA for Wyze…

This is a minor and self inflicted nightmare. And it benefits exactly no one.


I believe the rumbling tremors have foretold the future.

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