2FA requirement question

If I have 2FA turned on for my wyze account and the cameras were setup on my account and then I share out one of the cameras to my kids, will it force my kids to enable 2FA on their wyze accounts?

No, they’ll need to enable their own 2FA if you want to be as secure as possible.

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Thanks. Seems like a loophole. With all the ring compromised credentials lately Hopefully Wyze enforces 2FA. I could enable 2FA and forgot about the camera I shared with my daughters account and then her credentials were compromised. Now the bad guy has access to my camera I thought was secure. I’m sure 2FA is a priority based on data leak in December.

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Yeah, I’m not sure how that would work exactly. At the very least, maybe they could add a warning popup when you share with someone, to remind you that your shared camera is only as secure as any accounts you might be sharing it with.


@WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeDongsheng, based on recent Ring events before Christmas and Wyze dataleak, will you force 2FA on accounts and if so what timeframe you think?

And just be clear, I know credentials weren’t in play for Wyze but in the ring case, credentials get reused by users and their credentials were compromised at another vendor site.

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I will share this feedback with the team. MFA is a priority but I’m not sure what everything will look like yet. :slight_smile: