Multi Factor Authentication on Accounts


I noticed MFA is not available for our accounts.

Given this is now a gold standard for all app security, I wanted to know if this is projected or has been asked about before?

Any rough timelines to being implemented?

Hi there!

Thanks for asking! Have checked with our Engineering Lead, Tao, on this. Security is important and something that we’re always keeping an eye on. We will consider fingerprint login and possibly add security on specific camera (e.g. your bedroom camera) in the future. However, at the moment we do not have a specific timeline on the implementation, so I am unable to advise on any dates.

I second this. Since these cameras can potentially grant access to peer into people’s sensitive lives, multifactor authentication is a must. It’s the one negative thing about Wyze, and most of the other option too, that I can think of. It’s going to be an incredibly important requirement as Wyze seems to be branching out into more smart home capabilities.

I think this is on the roadmap now:

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I like the current MFA using cell phone and SMS. Is there a way MFA can be enable using other algorithms, Like Google Authenticator etc?

Use Case: If I can not receive SMS(may restriction due to cost or no service for SMS), and want to access / Setup account.


Welcome to the community, @qwerty. I would recommend checking out the following topics in #wishlist. :slight_smile:

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I think I know what is the issue not implement Google Authenticator is how to provide QR code scanning on the phone when you activate Google Authenticator. Here are my suggestions.

  1. When you add using the mobile App, one can Activate Google Authenticator Manually by copy the key and adding on the Google Authenticator or Use 2nd mobile device and scan from another one to add to Google Authenticator.
  2. Allow computer/web site base account management when one can add Google Authenticator MFA using QR Code.

After the breach of data, I would like to see Google Authenticator MFA.


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