Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Wyze Web Account

Now that 2FA has arrived in Wyze apps for the security of our Wyze hardware, 2FA should also be enabled in Wyze Accounts for the security of our personal and private information.

Love your products.


For Detailed Information (via Google Inc.): The Future of Security Keys: Using Your Phone in the Fight Against Phishing (Cloud Next '19) - YouTube

I’ll give you a vote but you should always vote for your own wishes.

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I always forget my passwords. Do I want to add second-level passwords? Of course not :grin:

Yes, because hackers ALWAYS remember your password. 2FA says in response to them; “Good luck with just that.” :sunglasses:

I don’t even remember my passwords. Not even for this site. Still use 2FA everywhere I can.


Can we also add a wish that 2FA really should be App or key based, and NOT via SMS?
That in itself would also bring on the added benefit of 2FA for those souls who live outside USA to use somewhat enhanced security.


Absolutely. Sounds like you wouldn’t be surprised to learn how many people have compromised Facebook accounts without any knowledge of the fact whatsoever until they check their Facebook security settings and see how many other sessions have logged into their accounts from all over the world. It happens OFTEN. Sometimes their only symptom is that "they’ve "forgotten’ their password multiple times without realizing someone else was resetting it, depending on how their notifications are set (or were disabled.) 2FA is unofficially an industry standard now due to all of the data breaches globally impacting billions of people. It’s not whether someone will be hacked but when. No significant or large business will exist without it by end of 2020. Most do now, but customers simply do not enable it on their accounts for Google, Gmail, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Reddit etc. I think Apple wisely mandates it for use with iCloud, which is essentially everything that makes the iPhone and all of their other devices have that Apple magic.

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Agreed. Of course, not all 2FA-enabled services offer both options, but certainly 2FA with an authenticator app would be awesome. Unfortunately, too many people still have no idea what we’re talking about, thinking a password on their account provides security against modern threats. So I’d be happy with at least SMS just to get started as an education for those most vulnerable. They think using an app is more cumbersome than even receiving an email because no one’s demonstrated that with the added security it’s actually much less cumbersome: Click and in!

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‘Well mine does, i use numbers letters AND special characters’, that’s what I was told once when i tried to explain 2FA and the ease of getting in to just a password.

Says the guy who is on Facebook. Facebook? :frowning: They’re on to you 24X7.

Not worried about my passwords being cracked easily. however with digital mining, what used to take years takes a lot less time. Even if a person’s typical password looks like this:


I wasn’t kidding when I said I didn’t remember my passwords. However, I use a password manager and the 2FA allows another layer of security in case it falls into the wrong hands.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Don’t be embarrassed, but your intelligence is showing. :wink:

Definitely!!! - Why has it taken so long for Wyze to do this?

Please add 2-step verification for website account access!
Thank you.

2FA should be utilized on the website as well as the APP. After all if is hacked then aren’t our home security and cameras hacked as well???

I have 2FA enabled on my account but very disappointed to learn that 2FA does not apply to website

Also, I voted for Google Authenticator as well, SMS can be spoofed and not as secure… Just my $0.02…

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I use pronounceable passwords where possible, e.g. athens-imprint-pesticide-fondness-zoe-whirl-espresso-euro. This article on Forbes is worth a read.

Now more than ever Wyze needs to add 2-Step Verification to the website account access… Please Wyze do this… why has it taken you guys so long for this?

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I’m a little concerned that Wyze has labeled 2FA for accounts as “maybe-later.” It’s not because I think Wyze won’t implement it because, quite bluntly, no significant company will survive longterm without eventually applying it, mainly financial, smart home, data brokers, security, and even quasi-security companies. In recent years, data breaches are no longer about if or whether but when. So my concern is more related to the unintended perception that Wyze mirrors the knowledge level of its customers regarding 2FA when it should have more to protect them. 2FA on accounts is not an optional feature but a mandatory requirement to fend against modern cybersecurity threats that every other significant company has or is implementing for their accounts.

Again, I know Wyze will inevitably implement 2FA for accounts, a natural evolution beyond 2FA solely within the app or hardware. So that is not my concern. My concern is that the optics suggest that even despite global data breaches impacting billions over the last few years and the recent Wyze data breach, Wyze still doesn’t appreciate the urgency of 2FA on accounts any more than its customers do. It seems they will only understand the importance after the third-party cybersecurity firm they’ve recently partnered with to audit and improve their security protocols inevitably recommends they implement it.

So at the very least, Wyze should update this wishlist tag from “maybe-later” to whatever label they use to convey “definitely-timeline pending.” I love Wyze and its products and am not at all trying to kick it while it’s down. I believe that “maybe-later” is potentially an avoidable PR nightmare waiting to happen, particularly after the Wyze data breach. It’s one thing to have only 15 votes on a wishlist item because most of your nontechnical customers aren’t aware of the importance of 2FA security. But it’s quite another for Wyze to value the importance of 2FA protocols based exclusively on the limited security knowledge of those customers. Thanks for listening!

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