Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Wyze Web Account

Passwords like “neighbor-hard-victory-hippie” are much easier to remember and much more secure. Password managers are fantastic tools but like any tool they have to be used properly.

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Correct. To clarify, passwords like “neighbor-hard-victory-hippie” are much harder to remember and much more secure than “password,” when relying on customers to do the heavy lifting, but of course much less secure than 2FA protecting all customers with passwords like “neighbor-hard-victory-hippie” and even those with passwords like “password”.

Yep, 2FA (token or physical key based) is much more secure. I take a defense in depth approach and use a password that is difficult to reverse engineer via hash and hard to crack via dictionary means. Then I use 2FA if available, then I use a password manager to change the passwords frequently then I never reuse a password or share a password or access to my password manager.

Even with all that I assume that I will be hacked at some point or exposed via sloppy security methods by a vender. So you hire a credit monitoring company and have your banking software set to notify you of all transactions or at least unusual ones.

And then, well that’s when damage control kicks in.

As far as IoT devices I use care where and how I deploy them, unplug them when I am not using them if I feel a need to.

Truthfully common sense goes a long way. The sad truth is people are lazy and do dumb things and vendors continue to enable that behavior because lazy people will just move on to another vendor that does not require them to be sensible.

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Your security game is second to none. You get it. I frequently have to tell people to enable 2FA for their banking accounts and credit card notifications after someone announces they’ve been hacked and have to go through the process of getting new cards etc. IT’S FREE! Just go enable them.


Would love to see this not only enabled for the web (as mentioned above by other users) but also when integrating Wyze into an Amazon or Google account for a smarthome. Right now you don’t need 2FA to link your accounts on these smarthome products.

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I use Okta for website MFA. Putting it out as an option as Google Authenticator and Authy appear to be main ones mentioned so far.

It’s a real shame that 2FA protecting your account doesn’t work for ANYONE outside the USA. You only allow US phone numbers for your SMS protection. What the hell use is that?

Hi @Tovrin,

I think you may have missed the few dozen posts above yours in this thread, including mine, that say the exact same thing? It is why it is always a good idea to search or read before posting. :blush: You may have also missed the posts from Wyze where they said they are working on enhancements to 2FA including methods that are independent of SMS? And that this work was now a priority?

At any rate welcome aboard!

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Hi @rbruceporter … I kind of just reacted when I did try to add 2FA to be my account. I’m glad they are adding authenticator apps to the mix and it can’t come soon enough. It just baffles me they restricted the SMS authentication was restricted to the US only.

I agree, I don’t understand how anyone can still offer text based SMS 2FA. It’s pretty much US centric, and the least secure of the available methods.

I would also like to see FIDO support for things like a Yubi key as standard offerings!

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Why is it that when they talk about 2FA, they only refer to the app?
We need 2FA for the online account as well… has anyone heard when Wyze is doing this?

If you look at the title of the thread you will see that it is currently in the ‘researching’ phase. They are looking into it but at this point have not announced any firm dates or plans.

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Yea I saw that… but what Im saying is that in most cases even when someone posts the need for 2FA for web account… the conversations are about the app instead of the web account access.

True, 2FA on the app only is essentially useless if the web account is not also secured. A hacker already has access to the web. Your device (phone) is much less likely a target.

It’s May 2020… Can someone please tell me where is the option to turn on 2FA when I access “My Account” via the web? I found 2FA on the app but not via the website. Am I missing it or is my personal info not worth the added layer of protection?

I created this wishlist four months ago because 2FA for the Wyze Web Account doesn’t yet exist. Please vote for it and patiently wait. Every company eventually adds it because it’s hugely damaging to a company’s reputation when they’re “hacked” multiple times without implementing new security protocols. They’re working on it. But keep in mind, the average customer still doesn’t understand the importance of 2FA, as my wishlist only has 41 votes.

The privacy and security of your account information, personal data, and hardware should be the number one priority of any company. So I suspect that it is with Wyze behind the scenes. But it’s not as sexy or flashy as announcing new products. Everyone knows they can send emojis in iMessages on iPhones. However, not too many know that iMessages are end-to-end encrypted so that there’s no way for Apple to read your messages when they’re in transit between devices. I suspect it’s an unexpectedly bigger task for Wyze to fix/upgrade accounts to modern requirements, and so is taking longer than they anticipated. For example, there’s no way even to change the email address associated with your Wyze account, which is an essential feature of basic account security.

So that suggests to me that they’re planning a more complex data server migration project to “start over” with a smarter account management system because they can’t just add security functionality to their existing “dumb” database. But it’s coming when I don’t know. It’s a de facto “requirement” for any company now because it’s not if a company gets breached anymore; it’s when and are you protected when it inevitably occurs.


Interested seeing new products pertaining to computers, cell phone and tablets. For security developing yubi devices.

Please add 2-factor Authentificaton when logging into your website. You have that option for the app. Why don’t you have it for your website? Thanks

You can now add 2FA to your Wyze Web Account.


I’m looking at My Account on the Wyze Website and I’m not seeing an option there.

Is it only available if you have a service subscription?