2FA using email

Now that 2FA will be required, I would like the ability to receive a verification email instead of SMS or Authentication app.

MOD NOTE: 2FA using email is now live.

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I was informed that Wyze is working on an EMail option as well. It is not quite ready yet.


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We use the Wyze cameras as security in our Historic House museum. We don’t have a mobile phone to receive the SMS text with the code. I read earlier that we could use an email for authentication. But, I can’t seem to figure out how to enable that instead of an SMS texts. Please advise. I am about to order about a dozen V2s with skins and solar panels to monitor our 33-acre property. I won’t be able to use the Wyze system any longer if we can’t figure out how to authenticate without using a text message.

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Wyze is working on the email ability. You can use a 2FA authentication app like Google Authenticator. 2FA is used when logging into the app from scratch. Once logged on, you will not be prompted again unless you are logging into another device with your account. So basically, you logon to your account, provide the 2FA, and then you can add or view cameras.

The next time you start the app, you will not prompted for 2FA


Thanks for the speedy reply!

Here’s our reality: Our managers and docents monitor the feed from the cameras using our ipads and tablets simultaneously using the same account. If we’re offsite we all use our own accounts on our own phones. The advantage to using the main account, is that when the cameras go offline or shut off (which happens a lot on some of the Refurbished PanCams) you can restart or delete and re-add quickly and easily.


Got you, so setting the app up with 2FA and your account will allow for this to happen without prompting for 2FA again. The only time you will be prompted is if you’re logging into the account again or if you are using my I’ve view on a browser and need to login again

Make sense?

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We’ll give it a try!

According to the moderator note, this went live as of today 3/8/2023. :slight_smile:

It’s been live for a bit longer than that, but they finally moved it into the Wishes granted category/label. :slight_smile: I’ve been using it for a while as a backup method.

I have all of the following set up for MFA:

  • Authenticator app (primary method)
  • SMS (my phone)
  • Backup SMS (Wife’s phone as backup)
  • Email
  • Plus Authenticator account backup/restore code

Oh! And Google Passport as an option sometimes, which I love to use for the browsers like the Wyze website/webview. That is very convenient. Luckily I rarely need to use the MFA since the credentials stay saved, so it is not as annoying as I feared it might end up being. It’s fairly convenient overall.

Note my very careful and weasely worded “went live as of today”, as opposed to “went live today”. :wink:

What I find much more convenient and less annoying is never enabling MFA for things like exterior cameras. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it’s nice they ultimately made it optional. I haven’t minded too much. Only had to use it when I first logged into the app, after that it remembers and loads each time without having to do it. That is exactly the way I like it without hassle. Though I do have some indoor cameras, and while none of them are in bedrooms (besides the baby) or bathrooms or such super private places, I do have a swimming pool and like to record family memories in the main rooms. So it is a nice option to have in my case since it is fairly convenient overall. I would not want it if it required doing it more often.

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@carverofchoice Hoping you can verify if you get the same behaviour I’m getting… For the longest time, I only had an Authenticator app set up for my 2FA, and just added the other options today (email, SMS, 2nd SMS).

I still have the Authenticator app selected as my primary method in the app. However, when I try to access any of the web sections that require login (such as view.wyze.com or services.wyze.com),I only get presented with the two SMS options for 2FA,there is no option to use my primary method or even to opt for email verification for that particular login.

Is this the same behaviour you’re seeing?


I confirm. I had the exact same thing happen. Just to test it out, I even tried entering in the Authenticator app code to see if it would still take it, but it didn’t. It failed. I had to use the SMS code.

Thanks for tagging me. I agree this should be looked into.

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Thanks for confirming. Just needed to make sure it wasn’t just me before I submit it as a bug/undesired-feature.!

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I posted this bug in this week’s Fix-it-Friday event:

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