Verification ID b4 access to any cameras ...1st New problem

When i respond to my notification from one of my cameras ,i receive a verification id request which i then submit. Wyze then sends to email ,a conformation code to return. My wife gave her email when she originally bought and signed up with wyze. So her email receives the code. I have to call her and ask for the code wyze sent to her . Shes usually at work and oftentime is not able to get on her phone. The delay can be up to hours before she can send me the code.
If I used my email instead she would have the same problem I do now.
How can two people with two phones and 2 separate email addresses receive the verification code, sent from wyze, that allows both of us, individually, to access our security cameras?

I received 2 verification requests yesterday evening and 1 this morning. Thats going to be a huge problem if it keeps up. I decided to hold off on expanding my security system(even Plus+) with this encouraging system due to so much unreliability/consistency . But im not giving up…quite yet

I don’t know for sure, but I doubt it. If you are going to use two factor authentication, trying to do it with multiple E-Mail accounts is going to be hard.
One suggestion. Create a new E-Mail account that is used only for Wyze. Have BOTH of you add that E-Mail account to your phone. That will require redoing the setup on the cameras to move them to the new account.
Another suggestion. Add your wife’s E-Mail account to your phone (if she is willing - may not want that).
The other option is to not use 2FA,l but that may cause other issues.

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“She may not want that”
Ha Ha, I wouldnt want her email either

Oh thx for your ideas,

I don’t think I would want my wife’s E-Mail either!

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Nuthin’ but being silly here - Count me too, I don’t want to see either of your wives email. :slight_smile:

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Have you tried sharing the cameras from your wife’s account to one for you? Not sure what happens with 2FA but I think it is account specific.

Take a look at this:

possibly,but Ill have to check into this soon as I finish some other stuff

Im getting ready to read the link you sent on sharing your wyze cam v1/v2 & pan.
But,while on “devices” for each cam, i saw where "share "cams with a desired account is. Looks like that is the place to solve my issue on id verification… ?
(5 min later) i found this is what happens to my wife if I share with her or visa versa :
Shared users will not able to:

  • Share a device shared with them.
  • Rename a device shared with them.
  • Change the Detection Settings or Alarm Settings .
  • View microSD card footage.
    That creates another problem while solving the inital one.
    One of us will now not be able to do the above. The results are both bad and limit our use or our cams
    Any other ideas to solve this. This cant be the first time someone has run into this problem. Was it ever solved?
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I’ve setup our cameras, plugs, and lights all under my own account. I then just share each one with my girlfriend and she can do anything she needs to do with any device. Sure she can’t do anything in the settings but she doesn’t need to anyway since I’ve set all then up how they need to be. It works great. I’ve got a question for you tho, email isn’t even an option for the two step verification. So I’m not sure how she even has or set up that way. I’d ask her and look into this now with her cause something doesn’t sound right… Good luck and keep us updated. Have a good day…

:+1: The separate email address makes sense. Most email providers (including gmail) provide filters that allow auto-forwarding to other email addresses, making it pretty painless.

hmmm, sounds good,ill look into that

ok,i’ll call wyze tech tomorrow…thx

You are husband & wife. Trusted individuals. Don’t ‘share’ cams with each other. Create a common logon. Since you have 2 phones, turn off 2FA until something better can be arranged with multiple users.

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This is the right answer. Multifactor authentication causes SO much more trouble than it’s often worth. Glitches, delayed notifications, misplaced and lost phones, poor or nonexistent recovery procedures, and DELAYS getting to what you want. Even at the enterprise level it’s a pain.

How many times are you getting prompted? For every access to the app after every notification? I don’t have 2FA enabled and I haven’t had to reauthenticate in a very long time.

Keep you password private and reasonably hard to guess. Change it if Wyze is compromised. (It’s on them to be throttling and preventing dictionary attacks.) Turn on 2FA only if you have cameras in your bedroom or something.


how do i turn 2fa off?

Didn’t know so I searched for you. Under Account, Security in the app.

GREAT ! thx