2-Factor Authentication for TWO Phone Numbers!

My wife and I both want access to our WYZE cameras, but we both travel and with 2-Factor Authentication, only one of us can log in by receiving the texted code. We would like the ability to have two verified phone numbers on the account (not one as a backup) so either can log in and receive the 2FA code. Otherwise, one of us is unable to view our security cameras, and both husband and wife need to.

Thank you.

In the mean time, I’d suggest using the authenticator app option:


Or consider creating your own accounts and whichever account “owns” the cameras shares the cameras to the other. That way you both can have 2FA on your own numbers.

But to be honest using an Authenticator app like Authy is your best bet. SMS authentication is not terribly secure.


Multiple phone numbers for 2FA

If more than one person are using the app, you will need mroe than one phone number for 2fA. Without it you are basically locking a spouse/significant other/partner out of application

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