Where can we buy Replacement Bridges for our V2 Wyze Cameras?

Where can we buy Replacement Bridges for our V2 Wyze Cameras?
I own many of them and also sensors but Bridges need replacement I am
notified, so I can not locate on Wyze Shopping page, Only for Wyze V3 WHY ?

Are you talking about the V1 Contact and Motion Sensors, to include the Senor Bridge which Plugs in the back of the v2 Camera? If so, those are no longer being sold. They have a new sensor setup which is currently part of the Home Monitoring System (HMS).

Here is the page:

Here is a pic located on the Store Front Page: https://wyze.com/shop-wyze


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You can try E-bay or ask others here if they may be selling them. Wyze decided to eliminate them when they came out with the new Home Monitoring System, but they still don’t seem to sell the V2 sensors and hub as a stand-alone product.

Thanks for the reply about Bridge replacement for my cams. I think personally think that’s ignorant a company can drop spare product sale for legacy product still very popular worldwide!
Sorry, just Shocked


I have 3 of them I would be happy to give you, free of charge. I installed the HMS and connected all of my V1 sensors that are still working to the Wyze sense hub and no longer have a use or need for them.

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R. Good,

I’d be glad to take you up on your offer of unwanted Wyze Sense & Bridge (s).
I am at my wit’s end with them, I’ve been thinking it was batteries and here all along it was bridge and apps can’t advise that apparently, though they usually don’t with what they should anyway, really.
But, sometimes they work, and it’s why I still us them besides the fact I’ve spent the money on my original household system.

Anyway, issue now is, how do get them from you?
Don’t really want to spend a bunch more money. I’m retired now, on
a fixed income and all. Let me know.

DM me with your contact info… My treat from one serviceman to another.