WHSK1 questions

First, is this product no longer sold? I bought 4 and was looking into buying more but they are not available to be purchased?

When I choose a tag, I see a sense-v1 and a sense-v2. There is a v2?

Second, I cannot get the bridge to update from to Always get the frowny face. Connected to a Cam Pan.

Thank you

The original wyze sense v1 is no longer sold. It was retired about a year ago or so.


Yes, the original V1 Sense sensors were tied to a Bridge that was plugged into a V2 fixed camera, or Pan Cam V1. The V1 Sense system is no longer available, and the port the old Bridge plugged into is gone on the new V3 fixed camera and the V2 Pan.

The new V2 Sense system uses a stand-alone Hub in place of the old Bridge. V2 sensors can be used with the Home Monitoring System, as well as be used stand-alone like the old V1s.

The new Hub can also accommodate your old V1s in stand-alone mode. The old V1 sensors cannot be used with the new HMS, though.

The V1s can also still be used as they always have been, with their old Bridge.

On getting the Bridge updated to control the light, try connecting the Bridge to a V2 fixed camera. Sometimes the old V1 Pan Cam couldn’t accommodate the Bridge fully at the same time as the higher-current Pan features, especially if it is being run off a 1A adapter.

If you still can’t update, then you can always cover the light with black electrical tape, because that is primarily the new feature of :slight_smile:


Thanks for your thorough explanation of the landscape.

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