When will we get a Thermostat app update?

Its been almost a year and still no update to the Thermostat part of the app. Everyone said “it is new give them time” and I’ve been patiently waiting…
the features of the current app really suck. I would really like detailed usage information and other features would also be great.
I am currently traveling and manually changed the heat in the the house WAY up (its in the 20’s outside there , I have it set default to 56 but banged it up to 85 so it wouldnt be constantly on/off/on/off - but again, where us the detailed usage info so I know?) intending to drop it back down. Unknown to me I was about to head through a long “no signal” area which also killed my phone battery ( yes bad on me for not having a charger) so I had no way to manually turn it back down for many hours… my point being I wish there was a “set to xxx temporairly for 1 hour” check box type setting.
thats just 2 of many features a thermostat like this needs

There is a way to temporarily set the temp higher. The hold feature has a timer. Set your desired hold temperature on the app, then swipe up on the bottom of the screen where it says controls, click the hold button and set it to “time”. Tell it when you want your normal schedule to resume, and press “begin hold”. Just make sure you have a schedule that will execute every so often to bring the temperature back to baseline.